Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority has issued a warning about The Future Trade and securities fraud.

FSMA’s warning from September 21;

In Belgium, Future Trade is not permitted to provide financial services or products.

Additionally, The Future Trade’s approach demonstrates characteristics of a pyramid scheme.

All things considered, the FSMA strongly discourages following through on any proposals made by the Future Trade.

A Ponzi scheme called The Future Trade first appeared in 2020. The initial version included American actors in a marketing video that was supposedly filmed there.

Early in 2021 is thought to have been the fall of the Future Trade. Midway through 2021, it got a revamp with Russian actors.

At the time of publication, according to SimilarWeb, Belgium accounted for 14% of all visits to The Future Trade’s website.

At the moment, Vietnam (58%) and the UAE (17%) are the top two countries from which visitors come to The Future Trade website.

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