AshRaf Mufareh was compelled to acknowledge that OnPassive’s “FIFA sponsorship” is really just a cable TV advertising campaign.

After Mufareh informed affiliates that OnPassive was a FIFA World Cup 2022 sponsor last month, sponsorship promotion got underway.

A promo video for Fifa World Cup 2022 sponsorship was launched by OnPassive on September 14.

OnPassive is thought to have soon after gotten a cease and desist order from FIFA because it isn’t a World Cup sponsor. OnPassive removed the video earlier this week as a result of this.

Most likely under threat of legal action, Mufareh was compelled to acknowledge that it did not have authorization to use the FIFA emblem or World Cup trademark.

Of course, official FIFA World Cup sponsors are permitted to utilize FIFA’s trademarks and World Cup insignia in their advertising.

OnPassive just produced a new video, in which neither FIFA nor the Qatar 2022 World Cup are specifically mentioned.

OnPassive now correctly identifies itself as an advertiser on beIN Sports, as per Mufareh’s crisis meeting from yesterday.

The “global network of sports networks”, beIN Sports, is based in Qatar. There is no business connection between beIN Sports and OnPassive other than the fact that OnPassive has purchased advertising on beIN.

as of the date of publication The new OnPassive ad for beIN Sports has not yet been posted to their official YouTube channel. 

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