Infinity Processing System is in the MLM niche of marketing. Adriana Villegas is listed as the owner of the business.

Imagine being able to make 100% commissions from anywhere in the world as long as you have a wifi connection. 

If this sounds interesting to you, read on. I’ve been making multiple six-figure incomes online while working full-time from home for the past five years. 

Now I’m ready to show you exactly what I did. My goal for this year is to help 1,000 families get out of debt.  

Villegas seems to have become known for promoting different scams on social media. 

Paycation, National Wealth Center, Pro Travel Plus, 25 Dollar 1Up, No Limits Team, Newbies on Fire, and Easy 1 Up are all examples of pyramid schemes that Villegas pushed. Villegas tries to get both English and Spanish-speaking people to sign up for her business. Villegas says that she was a “college dropout trading time for money” before she found online scams to promote around 2014.  

By the middle of 2021, Villegas seems to have had enough of promoting other people’s scams. This brings us to the Infinity Processing System.  

Read on for a full review of the MLM opportunity offered by Infinity Processing System. 

The goods are made by Infinity Processing System: 

There are no goods or services that can be sold by Infinity Processing System. 

Affiliates can only sell the affiliate membership to the Infinity Processing System. The “digital marketing products” that members of the Infinity Processing System affiliate program can use are: 

The pay plan for the Infinity Processing System Affiliates can sign up for the Infinity Processing System at three different price points:




When they bring in other people who do the same thing, they get paid commissions. 

Recruitment Commissions: 

Affiliates of the Infinity Processing System get a commission when they bring on new affiliates. 

How much an Infinity Processing System affiliate pays in membership fees determines how much they can make from recruiting.

Affiliates in the first level earn $50 for each person they bring in. Affiliates in the Starter Tier earn $50 for each Starter Tier recruit and $150 for each Elite or Pro Tier recruit. Affiliates in the Starter Tier earn $50 for each Starter Tier recruit, $150 for each Elite Tier recruit, and $300 for each Pro Tier recruit.

Commissions that don’t end The Infinity Processing System has a one-level compensation plan that pays out residual commissions. 

With a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team, and every other affiliate they personally recruit is right under them (level 1): 

(unilevel) If an affiliate on level 1 brings in new affiliates, those new affiliates join the original affiliate’s unilevel team on level 2. If any level 2 affiliates bring in new affiliates, they move to level 3, and so on, down a theoretically infinite number of levels.  

Affiliates in the Starter and Elite tiers get paid residual commissions when they bring in affiliates in a higher tier.   

For example, a beginner-tier affiliate might bring in a pro-tier affiliate. The first-level affiliate gets $50, so there is still $250 to pay out ($300 minus $50). 

Through the unilevel team, the Infinity Processing System looks upline for an Elite or Pro tier affiliate. If an Elite is found first, they get $100 ($150 minus the $50 that has already been paid out), and the remaining $150 goes to the first pro tier upline affiliate. 

If a pro-tier affiliate is found first, they get the full $250 residual commission that is still due. In this way, higher-tier Infinity Processing System affiliates get paid for the work of lower-tier affiliates who bring in new members. 

Getting involved in the Infinity Processing System There are three prices for becoming an affiliate of the Infinity Processing System:




The more an Infinity Processing System affiliate pays to join, the more money they can make. 

A system for processing infinity: 

Adriana Villegas has been warning people about scams for years, and now she is running her own scam. The Infinity Processing System is a combination of a simple gifting scheme and a pyramid scheme. 

The gifting part comes from the fact that 100% of membership fees are paid out as commissions for bringing in new members.

This is most obvious at the Pro level, where each person you bring in gives their membership fee to the person who brought them in. Affiliates in the lower tiers give up their share of gifting payments to affiliates in the higher tiers who have paid higher membership fees. 

This is an example of “pay to play,” which is a sign of an MLM pyramid scheme. We can say that Infinity Processing System is a pyramid scheme because all of the commissions paid out are tied to getting new people to join.

Since Infinity Processing System is a pyramid scheme, the digital products that come with membership fees aren’t important or unimportant. Pyramid schemes are MLM companies that don’t sell anything to the public.

Even if you add products to membership fees, it doesn’t change the fact that the business model is a scam. 

MLM pyramid schemes need new people to join all the time so they can pay commissions. Math shows that most people who take part in MLM pyramid schemes will lose money when they fall apart

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