GSPartners has given up on its lawsuit against Chris Saunders for harassment. Saunders owns and runs the YouTube channel Grit Grind Gold. He used it to report on the GSPartners Ponzi scheme and criticize it. 

This made owner Josip Heit and promoters Michael Dalcoe and Antonio (Tony) Euclides Menesis De Gouveia pay attention.

In late 2021, they sued Saunders for harassment. Heit and the GSPartners Plaintiffs said it was defamation for Sunders to make videos about the Ponzi scheme. Heit was also upset that Saunders brought up his part in Karatbars International’s failed KBC Ponzi scheme.  

On July 29, Josip Heit, Michael Dalcoe, Tony De Gouveia, and GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG filed a stipulation of dismissal.  

Christopher Saunders, who is the defendant in the above-mentioned case, signed a statement on July 29, 2022. 

According to the Saunders’ Declaration, the plaintiffs GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG, Josip Heit, Antonio Euclides Menesis De Gouveia, and Michael Dalcoe, through their lawyers and with the signature and agreement of Christopher Saunders’s lawyer, agree that all claims in this case will be dismissed without prejudice.

The above condition from Saunders shows that he got a fair deal. Mr. Ovidu Toma in relation to what the plaintiffs said and said they saw. Since January 2020, Mr. Ovidu Toma has been giving me proof that Mr. Harald Seiz was involved in the alleged wrongdoing of Karatbars.  

“Ovidu Toma” refers to Ovidiu Toma, who used to be the Chief Technology Officer at Karatbars International. 

Toma is the CEO of CryptoData now. CryptoData is a company in Romania that sells cryptographic hardware. 

To get back to what Saunder said: I knew from facts and documents that any alleged wrongdoing by Karatbars in connection with its Miami crypto bank and the issuance of KBC/KBC tokens was done by Karatbars’ CEO, Mr. Harald Seiz, and that this wrongdoing happened before Karatbars and GSB/Mr. Heit were connected.

This is an odd thing to agree to. Karatbars’ first attempt at fraud involving crypto securities was heavily linked to Heit. 

In an April 2019 interview, Seiz is called a “big investor and board member” of Karatbars International. In Dubai at the time, Karatbars was selling something called a “blockchain phone.” 

When asked about what he said at the event, he said, and I quote, You discussed the KBC coin. You said it’s possible that it’s 1 kilogram of gold. Can this really happen? Heit responded. Yes, it’s definitely possible. Nobody thinks that a lot of people don’t realize, at the right time, that they can join us. We just had a market capitalization of about $300 million last week or two weeks ago. We now have almost a billion people.  

Does it still not sink in?  

And when the mainnet is up and running, which will happen very soon, in a few months, I can tell you that the market cap will be more than $200 billion.

After Heit and Seiz hyped up Karatbars’ KBC for months, the KBC Ponzi coin dropped 62% after the hype event on July 4, 2019. Harald Seiz was sent to talk to angry investors and explain why the company had gone bankrupt. 

Over the next few months, KBC continued to dump, and it was finally shut down. By the end of 2019, Heit had cashed out, quit Karatbars, and started GSPartners, his own Ponzi scheme that was similar to Karatbars. 

The Ponzi coins from GSPartners haven’t done any better than KBC’s. I think wash trading is being used to keep the price of G999 up, which I think is draining GSPartners’ other Ponzi coin, LYS. At about 0.002413, G999 is being washed.

LYS’s continues to drain at $66.78. Since G999 and LYS still couldn’t take off, GEUR was put into service earlier this month. 

GEUR is made up of GSPartners and Heit, and it is tied to the euro. People think that GSPartners investors didn’t want to be stuck with G999 and LYS anymore, so they made GEUR. 

At the time this book was written, GEUR was only available through GSPartners. GSPartners is using GEUR to support its new 300% ROI Ponzi scheme, metaverse certificates, which is a reboot of an old one. 

If GSPartners and Saunders did come to an agreement, it has not been made public. Saunders hasn’t changed any of his other claims about GSPartners, except that he was wrong when he said Heit wasn’t involved in the Karatbars KBC scam. 

On August 2, the court signed off on the GSPartners Plaintiff’s Stipulation of Dismissal. This ends GSPartner’s lawsuit against Saunders for harassing them

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