Late in 2021, Zeus’ Bounty began as a straightforward BNB smart-contract pyramid scam. As of August 2022, the situation will be as follows: 

As the pyramid scheme collapsed, the owner, Tim Bentley, announced ZeusCoin and Zeus’ Chariots to continue the fraud. 

The Zeus’ Chariots were a cash grab for the NFT game. The game’s announcement occurred in February 2022. 

Four months later, on June 19, 2022, associates of Zeus’ Bounty got their first peek at the game: 

I can easily see that reaching the top of the Steam charts. Anyway, just two weeks following that disclosure, Bentley created Zeus Academy, via which affiliates are being directed to a new gaming scheme.  

If you are already a Zeus Academy member, go to your Zeusesbounty member section to check out this newly available course.  

The “new course” is the Simple Dutch System, which Bentley (right) is selling to affiliates of Zeus’ Bounty for $497.

The brand-new system ensures profits WITHOUT risk! We will assist you with generating $3000, $6000, or more in the next 30 days using exclusive tools, an in-depth course, and a tested strategy. Only by adhering to the Simple Dutch System The Simple Dutch Course delivers step-by-step courses ranging from fundamental concept comprehension to instructions on using all the system’s capabilities. examples of various offers, as well as information on how to maximize your betting profits. 

The greatest live-updated matchups are provided by proprietary technologies so that you can immediately locate the best odds. 

OddsJam’s sponsored bonus lesson for advanced ways to continue earning long after deals have expired. 


The money-back guarantee was my first red flag. So I checked the terms and conditions and found this: A 45-day money-back guarantee is provided. If, at the conclusion of 45 days after purchasing the course and submitting the following information to be validated, you are not profiting from sports betting, you will receive a full refund. 

You confirm that you reside in a state or province that we’ve recognized as profitable, or that you intend to visit such a state or province. All money-back guarantees will be voided if you acquire this course and attempt to apply our technique in a state or province that Simple Dutch has not classified as profitable.  

What is the wager Your “state/province” is deemed unprofitable if the system fails to function within 45 days. Dutch betting, for those unfamiliar with the term, Many-outcome wagering is the practice of backing multiple outcomes in a single event, as opposed to a single outcome. 

The purpose of wagering on numerous outcomes in a single event, most commonly in football and horse racing, is to benefit if one of your selections wins. Dutch betting involves a great deal of risk, as if both outcomes fail, you lose your stake on both wagers.

The Simple Dutch System does not stipulate on which sports affiliates will wager. The plan is “supported by OddsJam, whose website features a variety of sports.

“We recommend having at least $3,000 to get started. Profitability is possible with a smaller bankroll, but it will be challenging and require a great deal of patience.”

OddsJam has an arbitrage element, but the secrecy of the Simple Dutch System hinders transparency. For anyone interested in promoting the Simple Dutch System, Bentley offers a 20% commission on personal sales and a 5% commission on level 2 sales (unilevel). 

Regardless, this will likely run its course in the near future. Or at least until Bentley concocts a fresh scheme to lure Zeus’ Bounty affiliates. Bentley uses the name “,” which was privately registered on June 22, 2022. 

SimilarWeb does not trace the site’s traffic, indicating that it is negligible.  

NFT game fraud -> betting fraud -> crypto smart contract pyramid I wonder what will happen to the victims of Zeus’ Bounty…

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