Daxio introduced an “automatic sports trading” Ponzi scheme in the latter part of last year. How many billionaires have been made so far is unknown. However, Daxio has recently started greifing in the NFT metaverse. 

Additionally, Daxio has introduced two shitcoins. Of course it has, after all. At some point in the previous eight months, Daxio changed its name to become a game company.

Gambling is where Daxio’s Ponzi scheme began, but this time it’s cryptocurrency and NFT games. As a result, SportsBot has been renamed “DaxioBot,” and it is now a trading game that you may play to earn money: 

Of course, this is all just marketing. The same Ponzi scheme is still at play between SportsBot and DaxioBot. On the right is PlayDAX, one of Daxio’s newest NFT gaming scams.  

A play-to-earn fantasy trading game that mimics real-world trading is called PlayDAX.  

Yes, a trading bot cloaked in buzzwords from the crypto mania. That language is from the last crypto fad. Daxio has ideas for a mandatory metaverse grift in addition to PlayDax. 

Through Cryptopia, some shady real estate game that doesn’t yet exist is being promoted. Think about buying an Animal Crossing island from Nintendo and setting up your own scheme there. 

However, Daxio has teamed up with some blockchain broking firms instead of Nintendo. Using a safe, secure, and open system, inhabitants can purchase, sell, vote, and carry out other necessary tasks in the independent city-state of Cryptopia, which is built on the blockchain.

That’s because it would be a bad starting point for a game. It’s a scam to sell you NFTs, just like every other cryptocurrency game, and nobody will sign up for them but a small group of “we’re still early” crypto bro shills.  

Not because they are interested in the match. However, they do so in the hopes of selling their NFT investment positions to bigger fools. In conclusion, Daxio’s metaverse grift is a dead end that has not yet been reached. 

However, Daxio provides a variety of additional affiliate link NFT scams to lose money on while you wait, including: 

Of course, Daxio also offers its own owl-JPG NFTs for investment: There are two new shittokens from Daxi: SDAX and GDAX.

GDAX stands for property rights and voting privileges. SDAX is a utility token that is utilized throughout the whole Daxio ecosystem. SDAX seems to be a token exit-scam in the works, whereas GDAX sounds like a nothingburger.

Both are, as far as I can tell, ERC-20 coins. On the Ethereum blockchain, ERC-20 tokens may be quickly and cheaply created. Watch out for DAXIO to limit withdrawals to SDAX only if they haven’t already.

On external trading platforms, SDAX and GDAX can be swapped and traded. How’s it going, then? Daxio is now charging €10 per week for membership on the MLM side of things. 

A binary team pays out a 10% referral bonus and 10% to 12% in residual income. There is also a matching bonus on residual commissions. 

The recruiting of Daxio affiliate investors determines the 10 affiliate ranks. That is covered by the well-known Daxio Ponzi scheme: 

Additionally, it stands to reason that Daxio’s own NFTs are linked to their own Ponzi scheme: 

Crypto gaming died at the time Daxio changed its name to a gaming-focused Ponzi scheme. Axie Infinity, which crashed in late 2021, is present in all of the current “play to gain” cryptocurrency gaming scams.   

Third-worlders struggling to survive; slave masters hiring players to harvest in shifts around the clock; a speculative in-game economy based on NFTs; and a $620 million exit fraud were all involved. I mean, games. The first NFT scam involved art. The metaverse and gaming are now popular. Both heists are motivated by the same idea: give us your money. 

Daxio is a purpose-built Ponzi scheme, making it a little more diabolical than your typical monkey JPG scam. Frode Jorgensen, a co-founder, oversees Daxio.

Jorgensen is thought to be a resident of Thailand and a citizen of Norway. The Norwegian Lottery Board disclosed last month that it was looking into Daxio and had expressed concerns about a pyramid scheme to them. 

While all this was going on, Daxio and Jorgensen were told to stop doing business right now. Through a shell corporation established in the British Virgin Islands, Daxio conducts business. 

Any MLM organization claiming affiliation with the BVI immediately raises suspicions because it is a scam-friendly jurisdiction. Daxio is being kept afloat this month by the acquisition of new victims in Vietnam. 

The websites “daxio.com” and “mydaxio.com” are where Daxio conducts business. According to SimilarWeb tracking data from last month, the top three countries sending traffic to “daxio.com” were Malta (36%), Vietnam (30%), and Sweden (15%). 

Sweden (45%), Hungary (18%), and Moldova (17%) were the countries from which “Mydaxio.com” traffic originated. Malta’s “Daxio.com” website traffic is down 13% month over month, indicating a drop or collapse in hiring there.

Although Sweden’s is up, overall traffic hasn’t increased. Vietnam, where the percentage of new gullibles is 56% (increasing 229% on a monthly basis), leads the world in this regard. 

Website traffic reveals a decline in recruiting in Sweden, Hungary, and Malta. Again, Vietnam is the top investor, increasing investment by 294% month over month to 18%.

The refund policy of (Daxio) Refunds for purchases made through this website are not available. Limitation of Liability for Damage or Loss Resulting from the Product The buyer expressly acknowledges that the seller (Daxi) has no financial liability related to financial damages or losses related to the purchase of this product, regardless of what may occur as a result of the buyer’s purchase of the product, regardless of damage that may be allegedly or actually caused by the product, and regardless of harm or damage that may result directly or indirectly from the buyer’s purchase of the product, for any reason whatsoever. 


The purchaser acknowledges that the vendor may, at any time and without prior notice, stop providing the good, service, or membership. The buyer is aware that the seller is free to stop providing customer care for a good or service at any time and without prior notice.  

If Daxio wishes to avoid a fifth collapse once Vietnam has run its course, it must find other nations to plunder.

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