13 CashFX Group payments for hush money have been confirmed.

The issue is that there are currently eighteen leaders in the CashFX Group. This research was conducted by Rob Truckle of the CashFX (in conjunction with EverFX) Scam—Now What!? Facebook group, “James,” and, of course, dUh BlOcKcHaIn. 

Using a wallet known to belong to the CashFX Group, we can see thirteen transactions of 0.83333333 BTC on July 30 (click to enlarge): 

On July 30th, Bitcoin was valued at between $23,800 and $24,300. The price range for 0.83333333 BTC is between $19,833 and $20,249. The payments relate to wallets that have a documented history of receiving payments from CashFX Group corporate wallets.  

The identities of the thirteen CashFX Group leaders that received hush money are unknown.  

At the time of the thirteenth July payments, eighteen CashFX Group Ambassador’s and President’s Club accounts were known to exist:

  1. Mahigo S.A (Ambassador)
  2. “Cash Machine” (Ambassador)
  3. “MLM Legend” (Ambassador)
  4. Richard Maude (Ambassador)
  5. Martin Orena (President)
  6. “Autotrader” (President)
  7. “Turbo” (President)
  8. Donal McCrossan (President)
  9. Emmanuel Kuye (President)
  10. Roy Maurice (President)
  11. Adrian McQuaid (President)
  12. Nadia (President)
  13. Lee OShea (President)
  14. Brian Chittick (President)
  15. Lisa Jane Scott (President)
  16. Paul Dueck (President)
  17. Neil Slinn (President)
  18. Char & Joni Cvetkovski (President)

Five of the accounts listed above were not paid hush money, indicating that they are likely on Huascar Lopez’s bad side. 

Also unknown is if Justin Halladay’s hush money was included in the batch installments or paid individually. 

Former leader Luigi Bruni disclosed that CashFX Group leaders received $20,000 per month in exchange for silence. not asking questions. dealing in silence with regular affiliate investors who are disappointed with withdrawals and continuing to recruit CashFX Group victims by encouraging new victims to join.

Three tranches of $20,000 in hush money payments have been distributed thus far. The group of thirteen on the 29th of July, as specified previously, and another round of payments on the 29th and 30th of June and May. 

Lopez will likely send out a third installment of funds by the end of the month.  

Withdrawals for regular CashFX Group investors were disabled in November of last year.

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