William Roshak’s Profit Connect fraud was paid for $470,000. A more than $500,000 clawback case was launched against Roshak late last year, leading to the settlement. 

According to the Profit Connect Receiver, Roshak received more than half of the $3 million paid out by Profit Connect. Through his business, William George Photography, and his current wife, Luzhanska, he obtained his ill-gotten Profit Connect profits. 

As noted by the Receiver in a Status Report filing dated August 1st, Roshak has agreed to return $470,000 to the receivership estate in accordance with a settlement reached during mediation presided over by Magistrate Judge Weksler. 

Under the terms of the arrangement, Roshak could have obtained the money by withdrawing from his PERS account and refinancing his home or by selling his home. 

By July 29, 2022, he was expected to decide how he would fund the payment, as stipulated by the settlement.

Roshak has informed the Receiver that he will fulfill the terms of the settlement through his public retirement account and the refinancing of a property in Las Vegas.

William Roshak and Tetiana Luzhanska jointly and severally agree to return $475,000.00 to the receiver.Although the Receiver is releasing the defendants from any potential claims that could have been pursued in the action, this release will not apply if the Receiver discovers unidentified transfers of $10,000 or more made to or for the benefit of Roshak and his wife.  

Roshak’s settlement has not been approved by the court as of publication.

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