Two Generation Zoe accountants have been arrested by Argentine authorities. Julieta Sciutti and Maximiliano Mitroff are cited as “important players” in the money laundering of Generation Zoe. 

According to a 19 August Infobae report on the arrests, Prosecutor Juliana Companies de Villa Mara detained Sciutti and Mitroff this morning at daybreak in La Plata, accusing them of fraud and illegal association after a raid in May. 

The Antimafia Investigation Department of the Federal Police, which reports to the Superintendency of Federal Investigations, conducted the operation.  

The authorities seized $35,000 and the cell phones of Sciutti and Mitroff. Additionally, four anonymous Generation Zoe suspects were apprehended.  

Infobae asserts that Sciutti and Mitroff received tens of thousands of dollars to establish the Zoe Latam Ordinary Administration Trust. 

Leonard Cositorto, the founder of Generation Zoe, informed investors that the shell firm would eventually go public. 

In addition to Generation Zoe’s smart-contract Ponzi scheme, this resulted in a virtual share investment fraud. 

During Generation Zoe’s money laundering operations, Sciutti and Mitroff collaborated with Norman Prospero and Héctor Luis Yrimia. 

In February, the Chief Financial Officer of Generation Zoe was detained. Yrimia, Generation Zoe’s legal advisor, went to Dubai immediately prior to the collapse of Generation Zoe late last year. 

In accordance with Dubai’s unofficial policy of shielding con artists from law enforcement, Yrimia was issued a local visa and allowed permission to remain in the emirate.  

Yrimia’s apprehension was sought by Argentina, but Dubai has thus far refused to comply with an international arrest request.

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