Skyway Capital has been added to the list of websites blacklisted in Lithuania. 

The Bank of Lithuania cites securities fraud as the rationale for the ban. In an update to its “list of entities lacking the right to provide financial (including investment) services in Lithuania” dated May 18th, the BoL includes:

SkyWay Lietuva Skyway Capital and Skyway First Invest Group, Ltd. According to the BoL’s blacklist for securities fraud, the following Skyway Capital-related domains are prohibited throughout Lithuania:

The domains are,, and

These are all components of the same Russian Ponzi scheme, known as Unitsky String Technologies as of late 2021. 

Years after being known as “Skyway Capital,” it has been rebranded as “Sky World Community.”  

After the rebranding, Unitsky String Technologies continues to pretend that it and its multiple shell firms are not all involved in the same scheme.  

Anatoly Yunitsky is the owner of Unitsky String Technologies, Sky World Community, Skyway Capital, and their derivatives. Anatoly is a Russian citizen with possible Belarusian ties.

The Russian government has taken no action against Anatoly and his Ponzi scheme. Andrey Khovratov, a former accomplice of Anatoly’s, was not so fortunate. 

Sky World Community’s core website receives the majority of its traffic from Russia (36%) and Uzbekistan (25%). 

Belarus (51%), Italy (27%), and South Africa (15%) are the top three traffic sources to Unitsky String Technologies’ website.

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