The SEC and Eric J. Dalius have reached a deal about Saivian securities fraud. 

The news comes after the defendants in the Saivian case went back into talks with the SEC in June. 

According to a joint agreement filed on August 9, On August 5, 2022, the parties met over the phone for a settlement conference.

During this meeting, the SEC and the defendants who were not Ryan Morgan Evans came to an agreement in principle about how to settle the case. Besides Ryan Evans, Eric J. Dalius, Professional Realty Enterprises, Inc., Saivian LLC, Savings Network App LLC, and Realty Share Network LLC are also named as defendants in the SEC’s Saivian Ponzi case.  

Details of Dalius’s deal with the Saivians should be made public in the next few months.  

Back in 2015, Saivian was running a Ponzi scheme. In 2018, the SEC sued Saivian, saying that Dalius and Evans ran a Ponzi scheme that cost $165 million. 

Dalius’ Ponzi scheme was over when Saivian fell apart, but Evans doubled down with Elamant. Elamant is a copy of Saivian that is mostly made for African investors. 

Even though Morgan is being sued for securities fraud in the US for more than $100 million, he continues to do it through Elamant. 

So far, US regulators have not gone after Morgan for continuing to scam people with Elamant. We don’t know if that will change or not. 

Based on how much traffic Elamant’s website gets, it looks like investor recruitment has stopped. Ryan Evans’ Saivian securities fraud trial has been moved to June 6, 2023, in case he can’t reach a deal with the SEC.

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