Earlier today, reader Micky Burns stopped by to inform me. I adore the content on this blog; it has benefited me much over the years.

In addition, he attacked our coverage of Awakend’s pre-launch, particularly in regards to their leptin supplement, Zenith.

The white paper is available on the website. And even a cursory Google search will explain how the hormone Leptin functions.

This encouraged me to visit Awakend’s new website (which did not exist when I covered the company’s prelaunch) and download their “whitepaper” (which basically tells me you’re a crypto bro without saying it). 

Oh boy. 

In the opening line of the whitepaper study, it is stated that the research was conducted in 2008 and released in 2009.

In other words, the study was conducted fourteen years before the establishment of Zenith. The next thing you’ll see is that someone has added “Zenith” to the published study, effectively altering it. 

This renders it ineffective. Why was the study originally published? Is Zenith the identical recipe? Are the researchers comfortable with their research being altered? I’m not well-versed in academic protocol, but I can’t imagine that doctoring published articles would go over too well. I am aware that I would protest if someone altered a published paper I had authored.  

The correct procedure would be to publish the original report and include an addendum verifying that Zenith employs the exact same formula as was examined in 2008. If we examine the document’s characteristics, we can see that it was last modified on August 12, 2022, by Ashlee Headlee. 

Ashlee Headlee James is one of the administrators of the secret Facebook community for Awakend employees. Her precise position inside the organization has not been divulged. The Awakend website contains no ownership or executive information.

In addition, compensation documentation is lacking, with the company’s sole focus currently being recruitment. 

The release of Awakend’s compensation plan is necessary for the completion of the company’s evaluation.

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