After Polinur stopped letting people withdraw money on August 19, the scheme fell apart. Instead of just saying they are stealing the money, Polinur is telling its partners that the company “was arrested in China.” 

A few months ago, Polinur came out and promised daily returns of up to 2.4%. People think that Russians were in charge of the Ponzi scheme, which makes their exit scam all the more hilarious. 

On July 8, wrote wrote about Polinur. In our review, we talked about how Polinur honored Manny Delgado as their “partner of the week.”  

Delgado lives in Florida, and on his YouTube channel, “The Real Manny D,” he promotes several Ponzi schemes.  

Delgado uses the website “Crypto Surplus” to get people to join the scams he promotes. Back in July, Delgado got 87 people to invest in Polinur.

Together, they agreed to lose $33,113. As of August, it was not clear how many victims Delgado had brought into Polinur. We do know that he put $10,145 into the account and took out $42,686. 

Delgado contacted Polinur support on August 21 to find out why he was no longer able to steal money. Delgado reveals Polinur’s exit scam in a video titled “Polinur Is Done – Arrested in China?” that was posted on August 22.  

The video is based on letters that Delgado shared with the public. No one was arrested in China, and Polinur’s accounts were not shut down. Delgado says he won’t be involved in any more Ponzi schemes after Polinur went bankrupt. He is going to start his own instead.  

Not because he cares if people lose money because of what he says. Instead, Delgado says he is working on his own “project.”

“I’m not going to sign up for any more platforms. I have a project of my own that is coming out. I’m about to release a trading platform. So let’s just say that And that will be out before the end of this month. It’s a place where you can make 2% every day. There is real business going on. We’ve worked on this for a long time. I run this business as the CEO. We already have a legal business in the state of Florida that is up and running.”

Scammers most often use trading, usually with the help of AI or a bot, as a cover for their Ponzi schemes. Neither Polinur nor Delgado are on the SEC’s list of registered companies.

Delgado will also keep promoting the NovaTech FX and The Future Trade Ponzi schemes, which are not registered with the SEC. Promoting Ponzi schemes is securities fraud, but if Delgado ran his own investment scams, he would be doing even more illegal things. 

SimilarWeb found that Russia (21%), Vietnam (12%), and Ukraine (8%) were the top three places where people went to Polinur’s website before it shut down. 

No one knows how many people were hurt by Polinur or how much most investors lost.

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