The Central Bank of Russia has issued a fraud notice to Meta Force.

According to the CBR’s alert from August 5th, Meta Force shows “evidence of a financial pyramid.”

The Forsage Ponzi scheme, created by Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov, has undergone six reboots.

The SEC filed a lawsuit on August 1st against Okhotnikov (right) and eleven promoters and insiders. According to the SEC, Forsage Ponzis duped customers of $300 million.

Two US-based promoters have already resolved allegations of wire and securities fraud.

Russia is now the biggest source of visitors to Meta Force’s website, according to SimilarWeb,The US (23%) and Kazakhstan (17%) are in last place.

Sergey Maslakov, a Russian citizen residing in Moscow, is thought to be in charge of forsage recruitment in Russia.

Georgia’s Tbilisi serves as Okhotnikov’s home base. The Georgian government has demonstrated no desire to control Meta Force or prosecute Okhotnikov.

Okhotnikov has not yet responded to the SEC’s complaint on the Forsage fraud.

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