Quebec, Canada has issued a warning against securities fraud to FVP Trade.

FVP TRADE LTD is not registered with the AMF and is not permitted to solicit investors in Québec, as per the warning from the Autorité des Marches Financiers.

On July 27, the AMF posted a warning about the FVP Trade on its website.

Trade evaluated on July 5, 2022,The employment of Boris CEO actors and FVP Trade’s involvement in securities fraud were the main issues.

FVP Trade launched a “Exit-Regulators!” fraud two weeks later, at which point it failed.

It is thought that scammers operating out of Southeast Asia were behind FVP Trade. NoteAMF does not directly connect to securities fraud alerts.

Instead, a list of shady businesses has the notice that was screenshotted above displayed on it.

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