Andrew Khovratov, who started EvoRich, was arrested in Russia in April.

Shortly after that, Bob Ultee came along and saved the Ponzi scheme. This led investors to put money into Ultee’s bobcoin scheme in April and early May.

In mid-May, Ultee, who may have been drunk, crashed his speeding Lamborghini into the back of a Peugeot 107.

So, here’s how BOBC works…

Now, EvoRich is selling “radical transformations” in a last-ditch effort to keep the scam going.

Do you know there’s a way to become the master of your own fate, take charge of your life, and make a huge leap in all of its areas at the same time? The problem is that most people don’t know how to get to this wealth of information, so they don’t let themselves live the life they really want. EvoRich says it is selling “that knowledge” through a series of four blocks:


We’ll look at your life and see what you already have, what kind of experiences you’ve had, how you deal with them and what you want to change, who’s in your life and who should be but isn’t. The first block will show you how things really are, and in some cases, it will force you to take off your rose-colored glasses.


We will work with beliefs that hold us back. Most people promise to get rid of them, but we’ll replace them and show you how to do it. We will also help you figure out what attitudes are holding you back from reaching your goals.


We’ll learn how to communicate with our higher selves. We’ll get to know who we are NOW. We will dig deep into our potential, burn bridges with old grudges, and enter a new phase of our growth with confidence.


It’s one of the strongest building blocks. We will come up with new plans. We will look at the whole process of how we changed.

We will say thank you, let go, and get a new outlook on life so that we can be successful in the future.

The EvoRich’s sales pitch is kind of interesting…

Have you ever thought about why…

-You aren’t enjoying life?

-You doubt yourself, feel insecure?

-You don’t respect yourself, don’t like yourself, and don’t believe in yourself?

-Your life is full of grudges from the past? You have trouble getting along with your family, partner, or children?

-You can’t concentrate on a single task and reach your goal?

-You don’t have enough energy to do your best work and get what you want most?

-You worry and stress about the future all the time?

-You can’t go any further with your money? Only a small number of EvoRich investors have more than one answer to any question:

“Yes, and I feel this way because I lost all my money in a Ponzi scheme.” Make your investors lose all their money, and then use a feel-good recovery program to try to convince them they haven’t been scammed. Brilliant.

EvoRich wants 199 UNT for its “radical transformation.” UNT is some internal garbage that EvoRich uses to represent the dollar.

Get in quickly to save today on 101 UNT.

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