Silver Star Live was started with help from David Wayne Mayer.

In 2020, Mayer, who also goes by the name “Quicksilver,” was sued by the CFTC for forex fraud.

On July 27, 2021, Mayer had to pay the CFTC $5 million because he didn’t show up to court.

Mayer (right) was also given a permanent order that says he can’t do certain things. from doing things that break the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA), from signing up with the CFTC, and from trading in any markets that the CFTC regulates.

Mayer has gone back to forex fraud with Autobot Trading, which is against the court order from 2021. The domain “,” which is used by Autobot Trading, was privately registered on June 18, 2022.

Autobot Trading’s website says that the company offers “full crypto and forex automation for $149 per month.”

Four trading bots are available from Autobot Trading:

Q – “software with a high win rate” Q2:

“A software that trades a lot more wants to make 12 percent per month” (coming soon) “A revolutionary way to automate manual trading,” says QSignals.

BitGet Crypto Automated Trading is “a crypto trading robot that only makes a few trades every month.” The bots used by Autobot Trading run on MT5.

The business says it works with The Prop Trading, BitGet, and ForexVPS. On its website, Autobot Trading doesn’t say who runs the business.

At least not in the same way. In the marketing videos for Autobot Trading, a man named David says what he wants to say.

When we look at “Q’s” documentation, we can see that it was made by “Dave QS”:

The QSignals documentation shows that it is also owned by “Dave QS”:

Who is Dave QS, then? If we look at the Q and Qsignals documentation’s document properties, we find… “David Mayer” came up with them.

Autobot Trading is owned and run by David Wayne Mayer. Autobot Trading is the same thing as SilverStar Live Trading, but with crypto securities fraud added.

Autobot Trading doesn’t seem to have anything to do with MLM as far as I can tell. The Autobot Trading website has a link to a Telegram group that leads to “Important Trading Info”:

At the moment, there are more than 6000 people in the group. It’s not clear if Mayer runs Important Trading Info. On its website, Autobot Trading gives an address in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

In the terms and conditions of Autobot Trading’s website, it says; The laws of the U.S. state of Florida are used to interpret and govern these Terms. In their complaint from 2020, the CFTC said that Mayer lived in Roswell, Georgia.

No one knows where Mayer is right now. If you’ve been asked about Autobot Trading, you should know that it’s operating illegally because of Mayer’s injunction, and you should also know what Mayer said under oath to the CFTC in 2019:

Mayer spoke before the CFTC under oath on September 12, 2019. During his testimony, Mayer admitted that he had never traded before and that he had lied when he said he had been trading for “a little over 20 years.”

Mayer also said in his sworn testimony that what he had said before about his time at the hedge fund was not true.

In a press release from August 25, 2021, the CFTC also said; At least from July 2018 to March 2019, the defendants used a fully automated retail foreign currency (forex) trading software system that Mayer made to trick customers into opening discretionary trading accounts and offer to trade those accounts.

The order also says that the defendants tried to get customers by using online videos, social media, and marketing events in person.

The defendants lied about the performance history and expected trading profits of the forex trading system.

Also, the defendants didn’t say that Mayer never used the forex trading system to open a real trading account.

Mayer is always pulling a scam. Any claims he makes about trading or having a history of trading should be taken as lies.

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