A criminal trial for EminiFX has been set for March 2023, after an update meeting on August 3. Until then, various case motions will be heard, and a trial date has been set for March 27.

Alexandre has been charged with wire fraud and commodities fraud on one count each. Alexandre, who is 50 years old, could get up to 30 years in prison if a jury finds him guilty.

There is still a chance that a plea deal could lead to a lighter sentence. In addition to the civil fraud case brought by the CFTC, which has been put on hold until the criminal case is over, Alexandre has been given permission to work.

On July 28, Alexandre filed a motion asking for a change to the terms of his bail. On July 29, the court agreed to hear the case. The defendant’s request, which was not opposed, was granted.

The bail conditions for the defendant are changed from home incarceration to home detention so that he can travel as needed for work and work assignments.

All of the other conditions of the defendant’s bail remain the same. For example, the defendant cannot work in the financial industry or with investments until this case is over, and the defendant can only travel to the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Stay tuned, because we will keep watching the case docket for new information.

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