Following the failure of a grisly scheme to defraud family members of money, three QNet con artists were sentenced to prison in Ghana.

In Ghana, QNet is promoted by Etornam Dzenu, Stephen Sovor, Justice Noamesi, and Isabella Bekinane. according to News Ghana. Public prosecutors were cited; Isabella relocated to Adweso in Koforidua around eight months ago in order to look for work after leaving Accra.

Isabella met Dzenu there, whom she began dating, and he introduced her to QNet. As a network marketer for Q-Net Limited, Isabella became friends with Dzenu, Sovor, and Noamesi there. A pyramid scheme is QNet.

Once enlisted, people must continue to pay to participate in the fraud. Promoters for QNet are paid in this way. Isabella quickly ran out of money. To get money from her father, Isabella devised a scheme to stage and fabricate her kidnapping in order to partner in the network marketing industry.

Later, Isabella told Dzenu about it. Dzenu also told the Sovor and Noamesi to help Isabella accomplish her objective. Together, the defendants devised a scheme for Isabella to tell her parents she was travelling to Accra.

Isabella called her sister on July 4 to inform her that she would be traveling to Accra to “search for a job to make some money.” Then Isabella turned off her phone. Her sister made numerous failed attempts to get in touch with her during the week.

In order to reach Isabella’s family with the kidnapping hoax on July 11th, Noamesi asked Isabella for her phone. Informing her sister that “they are kidnappers and they have kidnapped Isabella and that the family should deposit a ransom of GHS8,000 to Isabella’s Momo account and they are giving the family 48 hours,” Noamesi used Isabella’s phone to call her sister.

At this time, 920 USD is equal to GHS 8000. Isabella’s phone was again off after making contact. Isabella’s sister and brother reported her missing on July 12 to the Missing Persons Unit. The next day, according to the prosecution, Dzenu used Isabella’s phone to send Eunice an SMS message warning her that “their time is short” and threatening to amputate Isabella’s arms if the family is not contacted within 48 hours.

A picture of Isabella was demanded by her sister as proof that she was still alive. Isabella was taken to an unfinished school building by Dzenu, Sovor, and Noamesi, who then bound her up and snapped a photo of her with a scrawled date (July 13, 2022).

Dzenu complied with Isabella’s request and provided the photo over her WhatsApp number. Her sister called Dzenu for information after learning that Isabella was seeing him. He told her that Isabella had told him she was going to Accra and that she had departed, and he had not heard from her since.

On July 18, after conducting an investigation and trying to find Isabella, officers found her at Stephen Sovor’s house. Accused individuals disclosed to the Police the various roles they performed during questioning. The four defendants were accused with fraud by false pretenses and conspiracy to conduct crime.

All four suspects entered guilty pleas. Each of Dzenu, Sovor, and Noamesi received a 48-month prison term earlier this week. In the absence of a pregnancy test, Isabella’s punishment has been postponed. Whether Dzenu is the father or not is unknown.

QNet marketing in Ghana has been difficult for years due to false kidnappings like this one, real kidnappings of recruited hostages, and immigration fraud. Government officials are thought to have stopped local authorities’ attempts to have QNet outlawed across the country.

Joe Tackie, the Ministry of Business Development’s Chief Director, said in March 2021 that he was “happy to have QNET in Ghana for the long haul.”

QNet, on the other hand, ignores fraud in Ghana. Executives are unconcerned as long as cash is coming into the business.

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