Fugitives Since August 2021, Kristijan Krstic and his wife, Xenia Faye Natividad Atilano, have been on the run. US police are looking for the crime couple because they are accused of running a $70 million Ponzi scheme.

After they were arrested in Serbia at the request of the US government, Atilano was let go early because she was pregnant. Krstic was freed in July 2021, but it’s not clear why. After that, Krstic and Atilano ran away and haven’t been seen since.

The Serbian government hasn’t said anything about how the two got away. Now, some of the couple’s children have been found in the Philippines, which has led to rumors that Krstic and Atilano might be living there near family.

Krstic (on the right) and Atilano have a few children together. Atilano’s sixth child was born in 2020, which led to her early release from jail.

At the time of Krstic’s release in 2021, both of their children were with them. This is clear because Krstic’s trip back to the family home was caught on camera:

Karen Atilano Bathan is Xenia Atilano’s sister. Bathan posted pictures of Krstic and Atilano’s third youngest son on social media as recently as July 31:

In another picture that came out in May, you can see Krstic and Atilano’s third child: Kristijan Krstic’s old Instagram account was recently taken over by the third youngest, who goes by the name “K3.” Two weeks ago, there was a livestream on the account with K3, K4 (the second youngest), and family. “Home with the nanny” is a reference to the older son, “K2.”

So, it looks like sons K2, K3, and K4 are in the Philippines right now. The “Kx” naming pattern seems to be an attempt to avoid confusion because some of Krstic’s sons have names that sound alike. Jeng “Jessica” Atilano, who is the mother of Xenia Atilano, is also a player.

After Xenia was arrested, Jeng went to Serbia to take care of the kids. Jeng Atilano said in a statement to the media in November 2020: “I’m here to ask the Serbian government not to send my pregnant daughter, her husband, and other Serbian citizens to the US. I can’t imagine how her six young children and the seventh one who is on the way will grow up and live without her. I came from the Philippines to try to help them, but I don’t know how much longer I can take seeing them suffer. I don’t know if Krstic’s six kids are all his or if some of them are from a previous relationship.”

In any case, Jeng Atilano was back in the Philippines a month after he left in December 2020. Kristijan Krstic and Xenia Atilano are not the first people to live in the Philippines. Krstic and Atilano sold a high-end apartment in Taguig City in November 2019:

Jeng Atilano’s social media shows that Xenia will still be in the Philippines as late as July 2020, so it looks like they stayed after the sale. A few weeks later in the same month, arrests were made in Serbia. One reader of us is sure that Krstic and Atilano are back in the Philippines; If they want to catch the Krstics for real… Just follow Xenia’s mother and sister, who are in Zamboanga City, Philippines, where they live.

People say that the mother goes to many banks and takes out a lot of money from them on a regular basis. On top of that, the Krstics bought a lot of houses, condos, and luxury cars in Manila, Philippines before they were caught. Follow the family and the mother’s money, and I bet you’ll find the Krstics hiding in the south of the Philippines.

I might be putting too much stock in what Jeng Atilano said about Xenia’s kids, but I tend to agree with him. Krstic and Atilano are probably with their kids. It’s not clear if that’s in the south of the Philippines or somewhere else in the country.

Zamboanga City is in the Philippines’ far south-west. Another possibility is that the two older children and the youngest child (who will be born in 2020) are living with Krstic and Atilano somewhere else. They have been missing for a long time.

This could be Serbia or the Philippines, but that’s not likely. So, if Krstic and Atilano have traveled or are traveling, it will be on shady papers.

The charges against Krstic and Atilano say that they used “fake passports.” They are still wanted by the police.

The US has extradition agreements with both Serbia and the Philippines.

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