The Securities Division told the Arizona Corporation Commission on July 27 that Jonathan Sifuentes Saucedo consented to a proposed Cease and Desist Order, Order for Restitution, Order for Administrative Penalties, and Consent to Same.

By doing so, Sifuentes will resolve the claims of My Trader Coin securities fraud against him. Initially, the Securities Division’s request sought to cancel Sifuentes’ scheduled August 23 trial.

On July 28th, the court granted the Securities Division’s motion. While we are aware that Sifuentes has settled the securities fraud charges, the facts will not be available until September.

This proposed order will be presented to the Commission for approval at their meeting on September 7, 2022.

Sifuentes’ My Trader Coin was a $550 per day Ponzi scheme. It fell apart in 2017. In 2020, the Arizona Securities Division filed fraud charges against Sifuentes.

Sifuentes fled to Mexico upon realizing he was under investigation by US officials. Using his Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi scheme, he proceeded to conduct securities fraud there.

In Mexico, Sifuentes was detained in January 2022. Mexican authorities fined Xifra Lifestyle $49,321 for securities fraud later that month. After being released from detention, Sifuentes escaped to Dubai.

Sifuentes subsequently abandoned Xifra Lifestyle and relaunched the fraud as Decentra. In addition to defending a clear charge of securities fraud, Sifuentes would have undoubtedly returned to the United States to face the Arizona Securities Division.

There, he may be liable to arrest, but it is unknown whether a federal US investigation into Xifra Lifestyle and Decentra exists.

Nineteen Decentra promoters were arrested in the Philippines last month. While Decentra is desperately attempting a comeback in Central and South America.


The majority of Xifra Lifestyle’s victims have not yet migrated. Sifuentes has likely kept Xifra Lifestyle’s website live in an effort to prevent an avalanche of complaints to authorities.

According to SimilarWeb, the top three countries sending visitors to Xifra Lifestyle’s website are Mexico (51%), the United States (19%), and Colombia (14 percent ).

51% of the website’s traffic originates from Martinique, 23% from Mauritius, and 5% from Thailand.

Together, Martinique and Mauritius have a population of 1.63 million people. It will not take Decentra long to exhaust Ponzi recruitment among the little islands.

Despite a decline in total traffic, Xifra Lifestyle’s website continues to receive over five times as much traffic as Decentra’s.

While Sifuentes may be wanted in Mexico and the United States, it is unlikely that much will occur while he remains in Dubai.

Through restricted extradition treaties, non-cooperation with foreign law enforcement, and a blind eye to MLM-related securities fraud, Dubai provides a safe haven for international con artists.

The trial in September will reveal the specifics of Sifuentes’ securities fraud deal.

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