The new start for Trust Miner Ponzi’s website domain has been taken away.

The reasoning that management has come up with doesn’t make sense, of course.

The Trust Miner website has been down for the last 24 hours. The domain “” was used to host the website.

Most exit scams involve Ponzi sites going offline, but Trust Miner admin Corey Deez says that’s not what’s happening here. In a “site announcement,” Deez explained why the site was down.

“In the past few days, there have been multiple attacks on BSC projects that are already up and running. Bad people said to our domain provider that we were breaking their Terms of Service. This isn’t true, but the domain provider took down our site anyway.”

That doesn’t make any sense. First of all, shutting down a website domain doesn’t help someone who is “attacking BSC projects.” Second, domain registrars might take action when they get complaints about TOS violations, but they usually don’t do so without first talking to the domain owner.

From there, every domain provider has a process in place. It’s illegal to run Ponzi schemes like Trust Miner, but registrars usually don’t do anything unless law enforcement contacts them (I don’t want to get into it here, but it has to do with the registrar’s liability).

In any case, WHOIS records show what a registrar does when they take action. Using the domain record for Trust Miner’s website, we can see that nothing has changed since it was registered on June 15.

Deez says that he moved Trust Miner’s old website to the “” domain. This blows a bigger hole in Deez’s original claim, since domain was also registered on June 15 (within 30 minutes of domain) through the same registrar.

If Deez’s nonsense explanation were true, the same registrar wouldn’t let him use a backup domain to host the same content. To get the new domain shut down, all you’d have to do is report it. But it’s clear that’s not what’s going on here. Even when things are going well, MLM Ponzi schemes are hard to figure out.

Even less is known about MLM crypto Ponzi schemes that run through sketchy Telegram groups.

According to SimilarWeb, Trust Miner’ domain only had about 11,000 visits in June. That’s not even close to enough to keep an MLM Ponzi scheme going. I think that Trust Miner’s first launch has been forgotten, and that’s why the domain has been reset.

If recruitment doesn’t get better, an exit scam will be pulled in the next few months, which could lead to more “attacks.”

Trust Miner is a new version of the COTP Ponzi scheme, which failed. COTP’s Trust Miner, on the other hand, is not thought to be run by COTP’s management but by former investors.

Since the goal of swindling COTP investors twice has been reached, there isn’t much reason to keep the Ponzi going unless new people are found to scam.

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