A court order dated July 26th has brought together the FTC’s cases against Success by Health and NetForce.

A court date has also been set for January 2023.

Even though Success by Health and NetForce are two different companies, the defendant, Jay Noland, is connected to both of them.

The FTC sued Noland’s NetForce pyramid scheme in 2000, saying that it was a scam that had been going on since the 1990s.  

It was found out that NetForce Seminars was a scam. The case was settled in 2002 when Noland was told he couldn’t take part in any pyramid sales schemes.

In 2017, Noland started Success by Health. In January 2020, the FTC sued Success By Health, saying that Noland was running another pyramid scheme.

The FTC says that Noland has broken the NetForce injunction by running Success by Health. This is in addition to the claim that Success by Health is illegal on its own.

Both situations are a mess.

The court won’t punish Noland for the alleged violations, so the case will have to go to trial. Last year, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of AMG, the Success by Health case was thrown off track.

By siding with scammers, the Supreme Court made it harder for the FTC to fight lawsuits against possible pyramid schemes.

Over the past two years, there has been a lot of back and forth between the two sides. Since a settlement doesn’t seem likely, the court has ordered that the trial for both NetForce and Success by Health will start on January 25, 2023.  

A deal could still be made, but for now, both the FTC and the defendants from Success by Health are standing their ground.

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