Investors in the Hyperverse are being invited to transfer up to $100,000 to take positions in the HyperNation.   

Rory Conacher and Sean Maaske’s HyperNation webinar served as the basis for this update.   

The South African promoters for Hyper* are Conacher and Maaske.   

Conacher uses “The Rocket Community” to advertise MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes. 

The Rocket Community, which Rory Conacher founded in 2013 and rebranded in 2021, is home to thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We are a resource for the community that was independently created to help members locate the greatest products, services, and information for the world of blockchains, defi, non-fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies.   

It’s unknown if Maaske is a member of the Rocket Community.    The argument for Hyperverse migration to HyperNation uses the excuse of “buying nodes.”   

Investors in the Hyperverse have the choice between two migration pricing tiers:  Transfer $10,000 of your Hyperverse investment position, but only the first ten layers down will be profitable.   

$100,000 -Sell your position in the Hyperverse and receive a commission on your entire downline. 

There are three caveats: Migration fees cannot be paid with funds;   

investment positions will be moved “at some point in the future” after being paid for; and  Investors in the Hyperverse must pay migration fees in order to profit from their downlines. 

Thus, Ryan Xu and the other members of the Hyper* fraud are eager to make a quick buck. The functionality for migration is already available; it is only kept behind a barrier.   

To compensate for the otherwise absurd expenses, HyperNation guarantees a 500 percent ROI. According to reports, this will be paid at a daily rate of 0.7 percent. 

Anyone drawn in by this would be well to keep in mind that HyperFund failed in the latter half of 2021. The Hyperverse relaunch failed virtually right away once it was introduced. 

Sean Maaske claims he isn’t moving over, for his part.  I can assure you that I won’t be relocating elsewhere right away. I won’t be visiting HyperNation again. It’s my decision. It is unfair to say to someone, “Forget about that and let’s go here.” It’s improper. It is unfair.   

Withdrawals from Hyperverse and HyperNation are still broken, and all Hyper* currencies are either inoperable or have already completely collapsed.   

Ryan Xu and Sam Lee are still at large after escaping to Dubai at the beginning of 2021.   

The majority of the remaining Hyper* leaders (i.e., net-winners) had already deserted the ship, leaving only victims.   

Whether Rory Conacher is a Hyper* net-winner or not, the following is what he instructs his downline to do:   

“Look, I share your outrage just as much as anyone else. I’m not pleased with how things have turned out. We’re all depressed. However, they also put the shoes on their feet. It doesn’t matter how you wash things that have been mistreated. Recall that they stated they would consider those with 300 or more accounts to be the bad boys. I mean, gosh gracious me, 300 accounts.”   

It’s amusing that Conacher ignores the fact that Hyper* corporation walked away with millions, if not billions, of dollars in stolen investor money.   

“Let’s talk about FSCA, the South African regulator, and the current situation there. So, in order to make sure that everything was done properly, I started working with the governing organizations and authorities in October of last year. And that was carried out to safeguard each and every member. So, as you may be aware, there have been problems with schemes and such. We wanted to confirm that our actions were legal before moving forward. Additionally, we wanted to confirm that everything was carried out properly. Now that we’ve been working with this regulatory body since October, we’ve been able to assure you that, in their eyes and according to how we presented it, Hyperverse or HyperFund is not a Ponzi scheme.” 

Conacher seems to be making up stories. None of the Hyper* schemes has an FSCA registration. This is so because Conacher and Maske illegally promoted and still promote all of them as Ponzi schemes.   

The term “security fraud” applies to this. Securities fraud is illegal in South Africa just like it is everywhere else, despite the FSCA’s largely futile attempts to regulate it.   

Conacher believes the FSCA is “acting with the HyperTech Group” in a laughable manner. The parent business, HyperTech, served as the conduit for the many Hyper* Ponzi scams run by Ryan Xu and Sam Lee. Conacher’s deception on FSCA compliance is undoubtedly an effort to intimidate Hyper* victims.   

“The difficulty we’re now facing is that there are other communities that aren’t a part of The Rocket Community and may have handled some situations improperly or in a different way than we did. The problem is that everyone is now rushing to the FSCA and complaining that they can’t get their money out. Our money won’t come out. So that immediately raises a red flag for everything. All of our current negotiations are therefore in jeopardy. Because if that escalates, everyone loses if it reaches a certain point. After everything is shut down, you must wait for a very long time as everyone goes through a process.”   

The truth is that everyone in Hyper* has already fallen short. Withdrawals have been blocked or delayed in various ways since the HyperFund failed in October 2021.   

After a humiliating launch party targeted at fools, HyperNation seems to have established itself in Italy, the UK, and Canada.   

Colombian HyperNation recruitment looks to be at a standstill.

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