There is speculation that CashFX Group Ponzi scheme leaders Justin Halladay and Luigi Bruni were paid the most.   

In light of the fact that Halladay and Bruni have been largely absent from the firm for the past year, it looks like the two have broken up.   

According to CashFX Scam-Now What!? author Harry Page, Bruni issued an official public warning yesterday. This is a Facebook page:   

In response to questions about who Bruni was talking about, he said, “I have a person in specific, but there’s no need to put a name to it. Those who know me well will be able to predict my actions.” 

Halladay appeared to respond in the midst of his anti-biblical tirades.   

Ponzi scammers frequently have a guilty conscience, which may explain their religious posturing.   

Halladay uses religion as a crutch to hide his massive thefts from the CashFX Group.   

Religion serves as a means of coping. The fact that they’ve been duped is much more difficult to accept for those who believe.   

Halladay and Bruni’s disagreement stems from Bruni’s departure from CashFX Group.


CashFX Group’s CEO, Halladay, has all but given up on the company. so long as it’s not done in secret.    Last year, Halladay ceased public promotion of CashFX Group, although he was still profiting from the Ponzi scheme. 

CashFX Group is Halladay’s principal source of income, and he wants to keep the gravy train running as long as possible. To that end, Bruni’s departure from the organization is incongruous.  As corporations and Halladay scoop up the majority of investment funds, victims of a collapsing Ponzi scheme are given one excuse after another.  

“CashFX Group phase 2” is the latest rubbish. There has been speculation that it will go live in the third quarter of 2023 or wait till Huascar and company come up with another hoax.   

18 countries, including Canada, have taken an interest in CashFX Group since its inception (again).   

This Ponzi scheme has been around for a while, but authorities have been unable to stop it because of its size.   

A new version was released on July 22nd, 2022. Youngevity’s 8-Minute Trader potential has lured Luigi Bruni away from CashFX Group.   

Bruni and Justin Halladay’s social media feud continues. The CashFX Group’s top executives are nowhere to be found, and as a result, most investors’ withdrawal requests have been denied.

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