A “click a button” Ponzi scheme that targeted Colombia was called VCCP.   

A new kind of exit fraud emerged after the scheme recently failed.   

The VCCP program was your standard “click a button” one. Investors were misled into thinking that social media manipulation produced ROI revenue, but in reality, VCCP was simply moving invested money around. The Chinese con artists behind the “click a button” Ponzi scams typically merely take down the websites when they fail.   

They would keep releasing cloned apps and Ponzi schemes until local investors caught on if the market they were going after was lucrative. 

But in the instance of VCCP, a fresh exit-scam tactic has appeared.   

Visitors to the VCCP have recently encountered the following message:   

The General Tax Administration of Colombia forbids the VCCP.   

Prior discussions and correspondence between the State Tax Administration and senior management of the VCCP corporation The firm is compelled to pay additional taxes that must be paid in order for it to operate effectively on behalf of all of its members. 

Even though Ponzi schemes are prohibited worldwide, including in Colombia, the con artists have concocted a tale to hide behind. 

The VCCP fraudsters are attempting to defraud Colombians of even more money under the pretense of collecting taxes, which is absurd in and of itself.   

Investors in the VCCP are required to pay anywhere from 20,000 to 15.1 million COP in order to receive backoffice funds.   

The exit fraud relies on duplicitous VCCP investors thinking that there are backoffice funds available for withdrawal.   

It is not possible to use the initial account balance for tax purposes.   

After paying taxes, you can resume your normal work.   

Employee firms that do not make their tax payments on time will be dismissed, and their members’ accounts will be permanently locked.   

The VCCP con artists even threaten to commit tax fraud against investors who don’t pay up.   

Your employment income will be impacted during the freeze, and the Colombian Tax Office will be given access to your credit.   

Naturally, anyone in Colombia can get in touch with the local tax authorities to confirm that the threats made by VCCP are untrue. However, they rely on investors in Ponzi schemes not wishing to contact the authorities.   

The money in VCCP will also be donated to social welfare organizations, which VCCP adds as a final salt to its exit-scam wound.   

Don’t be misled. The exit-scam used by VCCP has nothing to do with the Colombian government. Any excess COP sent will directly benefit Chinese con artists.   

Although the lifespan of “click a button” Ponzis is dwindling (we’re down to a week or two for most of them), they are still being produced in an effort to attract investors from new geographical areas.   

Twenty-eight “click a button” apps Two Ponzi schemes have so far been identified by us: 

Buying and selling exercise was not generated in Might 2022 due to COTP (pretending associates clicked a button to generate it).   

When the every day job element was deactivated within the EthTRX app-based Ponzi scheme in July 2022, the scheme went bust.   

Buying and selling exercise is generated by pretending to click on a button and aiming for Indonesia.   

KKBT-claimed that clicking a button offered cryptocurrency mining income, focused South Africa and India, and went bancrupt originally of June 2022.   

It targets Colombia and can discontinue operations in July 2022 beneath the pretense that clicking a button is linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes).   

DF Finance went bankrupt in June 2022 after pretending that clicking on a button created “buy knowledge.”  

After pretending that clicking a button was linked to social media manipulation (likes on YouTube, and so forth.), Shared989 crumbled In June 2022, an try was made to hyperlink the act of clicking a button with inserting a wager on the end result of a soccer sport, however in the end failed.   

Once I pretended to gamble on soccer match outcomes by clicking a button, I collapsed.   

The declare that urgent a button had something to do with inserting a wager on the end result of a soccer sport promptly fell aside…   

Soccer match outcomes are tied to the press of a button in Might 2022. 365Ball has already collapsed a number of occasions.   

It pretends that the act of hitting a button is linked to wagering on the outcomes of soccer video games, though it has since shut down. Within the month of July, 2022 Utilizing Parkour, which means that clicking a button is tied to social media manipulation (YouTube likes, for instance), has collapsed, earlier than crashing, it simulated that associates had clicked on one thing, which had brought about commerce to start.   

In Might 2022, N9 An associates program that purported that clicking a button was linked to wagering on soccer match outcomes crashed in Might 2022. Tron. TRX cloud mining went bust in Might of 2022, and BI pretended that associates urgent a button had any connection to it. BI-pretended that associates who clicked on a button have been linked to TRX cloud mining, which ultimately collapsed.  

An associates program that claimed that urgent a button was linked to betting on the end result of soccer matches has gone bankrupt. In Might 2022, GP Soccer went bankrupt—an internet site that claimed associates have been betting on soccer video games by clicking a button. In Might 2022, an internet site referred to as Fortunate Soccer, which claimed that associates’ clicking on a button meant they have been betting on the end result of soccer video games, went bankrupt. Pretending that associates’ actions have been linked to the end result of soccer matches collapsed in Might 2022WT91. Soccer match outcomes are linked to associates clicking on a button in Might 2022WT91-collapsed Sooner or later within the 12 months 2022. 

The month of July In July 2022, an internet site that claimed associates have been betting on the outcomes of soccer video games by clicking on a button was shut down.   

Within the month of July, 2022, Pretending to be associates, PerRank pretended to click on on an order button after which collapsed.   

On the finish of the 12 months 2022, App-based Ponzi scheme Fondo Angel, through which every day duties have been blocked and collapsed, Within the month of July, 2022 If you happen to click on a button, Zpmxcfe-claims that it’s linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes, for instance).

In July 2022, Let’s Yarn – an internet site pretending to create orders on Etsy – crashed.   

Orders for ecommerce companions have been created by Large Forest-fake associates clicking a button, however the rip-off collapsed in July 2022.   

It pretends that clicking a button is linked to social media manipulation. A bunch of Chinese language scammers seems to be behind all the app-based job Ponzi schemes.

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