In January, We reported on Youngevity’s FX trading venture.   

Max Trader’s Academy was the name of the initial offering, which was led by former OneCoin advocate Sal Leto.   

Max Indicator was a member of Max Trader’s Academy.   

The MAX Indicator is a software application geared toward artificial intelligence (AI) known as an “Indicator.” The software is meant to monitor the volatility of prices and values in many financial markets. The MAX Indicator then uses the collected data to generate an informational report for the user.   

How does it stand six months later? No idea. Max, Things had become eerily silent.   

On Youngevity’s website, there are a few Max Indicator evaluations from January or February 2022, and then nothing.   

Leto has announced 8 Minute Trader, the next trading opportunity offered by Youngevity.  Supposedly, the moniker “8 Minute Trader” represents the average amount of time that users of the system spend trading each morning.   

As revealed by Leto at a marketing webinar for 8 Minute Trader on June 29th, I granted Youngevity an exclusive license for my tactics. We have a technique that allows us to take someone who has never traded before and get them on a call with us for five or ten minutes per day in order to assist them in generating gains of five, ten, or twenty percent on their account in five or ten minutes.   

Leto asserts that he devised his method by deciding to “do the exact opposite of everyone else.”  Everyone advised against using this graph. Well, nobody else is making the amount of money I desire. What then did I do? I did the opposite and declared, “I’m only going to focus on the US30,” the world’s craziest and most volatile instrument.   

8 minutes The US30, often known as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is the focus of trader activity during the opening hour.   

You download this onto your computer, set up the screen, and will be able to enter and exit trades with the press of a button.   

The software is MT4, and the signal range is reportedly developed by artificial intelligence.   

Users click “purchase” whenever the live chart enters the green area (between the solid and dashed green lines). A profit is made if the chart’s upward trend continues.   

The buy area (between the solid and dashed red lines) functions similarly, but in reverse. If the chart enters the red region, you click the “sell” button.   

If the graph continues to decline, you will profit.   

It is up to the user to determine how long to maintain an entered position. If I’m not mistaken, this video depicts Maurice Katz demonstrating 8 Minute Trader on the live market.   

Leto asserts that he has been implementing this method for the past six months with quite spectacular results.  As of today (June 29, 2022), 163 days have passed. We’ve been doing this daily. Those are actual business days of commerce. There are a total of eight defeats. 8 losing days in 163 days.  

This brings us back to January, and I cannot help but wonder whether this is a test of the Max Indicator.    In any case, neither Youngevity nor Leto provide potential clients with information regarding their results over the preceding six months.   

From a regulatory standpoint, all trading is conducted manually, hence 8 Minute Trader and Youngevity are exempt from securities fraud.   

Registration with the CFTC is not as evident to me.   

People frequently say “This is not financial advice” and “I’m not your financial advisor” to avoid being labeled as commodity trading advisors (CTA).   

CTAs must register with the CFTC, which is a lengthy procedure.   

For a detailed explanation of a CTA, we refer to Investopedia.   

A commodities trading advisor (CTA) is a person or organization that gives customized advice on the purchase and sale of futures contracts, futures options, retail off-exchange currency transactions, and swaps.   

The essential phrase is “individualized guidance.” Members do download software onto their personal devices, but as far as I am aware, the buy/sell ranges are the same for all users.   

I am significantly more knowledgeable about securities regulation than commodities trading regulation, but I do not consider 8 Minute Trader to be individualized trading advice.   

8 Minute Trader also has a component that allows trading throughout the day. This allows consumers to observe a trader and, if desired, manually replicate their actions on their own trade accounts.   

Leto asserts that this was implemented after many became elated after winning money in the morning, only to lose it all as the trading day continued.   

The potential weak point is income claims. Leto’s statements of “5 percent, 10 percent, and 20 percent gains… in five or ten minutes” could be seen as misleading if 8 Minute Trader fails to debut and perform well within the next six months.   

For a breach of the FTC Act to occur, Leto’s income claims must not reflect the typical 8 Minute Trader customer’s experience. Youngevity may have a problem if the majority of subscribers are not earning 5 to 20% per day in five to ten minutes.  

These claims for income have been made. On the basis of its availability, the 8-Minute Trader is being sold.   

From a personal due diligence standpoint, I strongly advise you to conduct at least a basic study on US30 (DJIA) trading. It has earned its reputation for a reason.   

Additionally, utilize the offered demo accounts. However, keep in mind that your performance on a demo account is not indicative of your future success in live trading. Leto admits that the US30 is quite volatile.   

Beyond that, we do not cover trading recommendations.   

Starting costs for Youngevity’s Max Indicator range from $210.99 to $499.95. Leto believes he’s “99 percent sure.” The 8-trader will cost $599 initially and $199 per month thereafter.   

Leto asserts that 8 Minute Trader will have its own pay structure. The chance was scheduled to become available on July 4th.   

However, there is no indication on Youngevity’s website that 8 Minute Trader is currently accessible. I also examined Youngevity’s official Facebook feed dating back to June 30 and found nothing. 

In anticipation of an official release, we will post a follow-up review of 8 Minute Trader.

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