Steve Moretta seems to have made a deal with Jonathan Sifuentes. Moretta is the founder and CEO of Bestlife Worldwide.

A press release from July 6 says that affiliates of Bestlife Worldwide are being moved into Sifuentes’ Decentra Ponzi scheme.

We looked at BestLife Worldwide. We found an MLM opportunity for nutritional supplements that was focused on getting “Silver” and “Gold” affiliates.

Steve Moretta started BestLife Worldwide in 2009, but not many people visit its website now. It’s not kept track of by SimilarWeb. The last post on the official Facebook page for Bestlife Worldwide is from June 21. 

Decentra is Jonathan Sifuentes’s follow-up to his Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi scheme. In January, Sifuentes was arrested in Mexico because of a crackdown on rules. He then ran away to Dubai. 

Sifuentes changed Xifra into Decentra so that he could do it safely in the MLM crime capital of the world. Like Decentra, Bestlife Worldwide is based in Texas, but it works with Latin Americans.

SimilarWeb says that 88.6% of the traffic to Decentra’s website comes from Central and South America. BusinessForHome was the first to talk about the “strategic alliance” between Bestlife Worldwide and the Decentra Ponzi scheme. It is a fantastic way to find out about new financial trends.   

Technologies have been a big part of how the industry has changed.   

I remember when the rise of the internet made business a lot more fun and brought many people closer together.   

“I love the idea and philosophy behind Decentra, where there are no limits or barriers. From the beginning, we’ve been able to do business all over the world.   

My goal has always been to help people become financially independent, and Decentra’s tools, especially its educational system, are great ways to do that.”   

According to BusinessForHome, Diego Cajigal connects Bestlife Worldwide and Decentra. 

Cajigal became well-known for promoting the well-known OneCoin Ponzi scheme.   

Cajigal is from Ecuador, which is the third biggest source of visitors to Decentra’s website right now. Arizona has sued Jonathan Sifuentes for securities fraud, which is on top of the problems he is having with the Mexican government.

I think the real reason Bestlife Worldwide was bought was so that Sifuentes could get into the US market without having to advertise there.

But Texas is a bit of an odd choice. Among US state regulators, the Texas State Securities Board is usually the most active.

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