Infinity2Global’s Dennis Dvorin and Jason Lyn have been taken out of the upcoming criminal trial for Infinity2Global.   

As the court ordered, Dvorin and Lyn will be tried separately at a later time.   

After “recently being told he had a cancerous tumor under his tongue,” defendant Dvorin went to court and asked to be taken out of the main I2G trial.   

The DOJ didn’t say anything against Dvorin’s motion, so the court granted it on July 1.   

In its order, the court also decided to separate defendant Jason Lyn from the case.   

Even though no one brought it up, it is also right to drop the charges against Syn. Most of the time, a court can grant a motion to split on its own.

As planned, this trial will last for six weeks. It is based on a Second Superseding Indictment with thirteen counts against several defendants for breaking a number of criminal laws related to an alleged multi-level marketing scheme.

The court thinks that it would be more efficient and effective to split up two of the defendants and let the trial against the other three defendants go on as planned.

The July 12th start date for the main Infinity2Global experiment has not changed. 

The defendants, Richard G. Maike, Doyce G. Barnes, and Faraday N. Hosseinipour, will have to defend their Infinity2Global Ponzi scheme at trial.

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