The Ponzi scheme EasyTask 888 “click a button” has failed.   

Our reader informed EasyTask 888 on July 6th that it had ‘collapsed on July 1, 2022 (and) all of the money was stolen for the owners of this site.’   

I was able to independently confirm the demise of EasyTask 888 via social media.   

On July 1st, investors began pouring into the company’s Facebook page.   

Comments, mostly in Spanish, confirm that EasyTask 888 has shut down.   

EasyTask 888 is one of several “click a button” app Ponzi schemes that are thought to have originated in China.   

EasyTask 888 targeted Colombia specifically and solicited investment in Colombian pesos.   

The “click a button” Ponzi administrators have already launched similar clone scams targeting Colombians.   

These reload scams are being used by scammers such as Calderon Alexander to target EasyTask888 victims.   

Given that “click a button” app Ponzis originate in Southeast Asia, Colombian authorities are unlikely to be able to do anything about them. Similarly, authorities in China and neighboring countries are unlikely to catch scammers who target victims in other countries. 

The total number of victims and investor losses from EasyTask 888 is unknown.

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