Our Homes CNL investigation uncovered many Ponzi schemes, including TDM Poolex Academy. The promotional videos for the different Ponzi schemes were hosted on a Vimeo channel titled “Cryptocurrency.”   

Shortly after our Homes CNL review went live, the Ponzi factory’s operators removed all promotional videos for their scheme from the channel.   

When I discovered the Ponzi factory, TDM Poolex Academy was the most recently listed Ponzi scheme.    On its website, TDM Poolex Academy provides no information about the company’s ownership or management.   

TDM is an abbreviation for “The Digital Millennium.” The Digital Millennium Academy’s website can be accessed at “tdm-academy.com.”  

The Digital Millennium Academy and TDM Poolex Academy use the same website template. In July of 2020, “Tdm-academy.com” was registered. The owner is listed as Nefi Pirez, whose address is in Uruguay.   

On the website for The Digital Millennium, two women are portrayed as executives:   

no information about these individuals is provided, and they don’t seem to exist outside of The Digital Millennium’s website.   

The Digital Millennium seems to precede TDM Poolex Academy.   

I also observed TDM Poolex Academy marketing that was directed to the poolex.tk domain. No registration information is available for this free domain.   

The website of TDM Poolex Academy defaults to Spanish. The vast majority of marketing videos for TDM Poolex Academy are also available in Spanish.   

This indicates that TDM Poolex Academy markets primarily to a Spanish-speaking audience.   

The website domain for TDM Poolex Academy was privately registered on December 13, 2021. We observed that videos were uploaded to the TDM Poolex Academy “Cryptocurrency” channel in June 2022.   

If an MLM company is not transparent about who runs or owns it, you should always think twice before joining and/or contributing money.   

TDM Poolex Academy’s Merchandise:   

TDM Poolex Academy does not offer any products or services for sale.   

Affiliates are only permitted to promote TDM Poolex Academy affiliate membership.   

The TDM Poolex Academy Remuneration Plan:   

Affiliates of TDM Poolex Academy register and pay a fee in tether (USDT): 

127 USD for Ruby T versus 67 USDT

Platinum-197 USDT   

Premium Gold-267 USDT  

Once Complete Poolex-927 USD  Affiliates invest an additional tether with the promise of a 4 percent daily ROI after signing up.  

TDM Poolex Academy’s MLM arm pays commissions on invested USDT and affiliate membership fees.    (Dollars Invested).   

The compensation structure for investment referral commissions at TDM Poolex Academy is unilevel.   

A unilevel compensation structure positions an affiliate at the apex of a unilevel team, with each personally recruited affiliate placed directly beneath them (level 1).   

Recruited level 1 affiliates are placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.   

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3, and so on down an infinite number of theoretical levels.   

TDM Poolex Academy imposes a maximum of four payable university team levels.   

Across these four levels, investment referral commissions are paid as a percentage of USDT invested.  Poolex Academy uses the same unilevel team investment referral commissions (see above) to pay referral commissions on membership fees.  

Unlike investment referral commissions, which are limited to four levels of recruitment, membership fee referral commissions pay down five levels of recruitment.   

The number of levels for which a TDM Poolex Academy affiliate receives membership fee referral commission is dependent on the amount of fees they themselves pay.  Affiliates at the Ruby tier receive membership fee referral commissions on levels 1 and 2.   

Affiliates at the Emerald tier earn membership fee referral commissions on levels 1 through 3.   

Platinum and higher-tier affiliates earn referral commissions on membership fees for levels 1 through 5.  The amount of fees paid by recruited affiliates determines membership fee referral commission rates. The selection of a Ruby-tier affiliate pays $15 on level 1 (you personally recruit the affiliate) and $5 on level 2 (the affiliate you recruited).

Emerald tier receive $30 on level 1, $5 on level 2, and $2 on level 3.

$50 is paid on level 1, $6 on level 2, $4 on level 3, $3 on level 3, $3 on level 4, and $2 on level 5.

A Gold Premium affiliate pays $60 on the first level, $7 on the second, $5 on the third, $4 on the fourth, and $3 on the fifth.

$160 is paid on level 1, $10 on level 2, $8 on level 3, $6 on level 4, and $4 on level 5. 

Involvement in the TDM Poolex Academy:   

Affiliate membership in the TDM Poolex Academy is priced on four tiers: 

127 USD for Ruby TEmerald, which costs 67 USD;  

Platinum costs 197 dollars.   

Poolex charges a total of $927 USD.   compensated in ether, and the more an affiliate spends, the greater their potential earnings.   

TDM Poolex Academy   

TDM Poolex Academy accompanied each affiliate membership tier with a plethora of blockchain nonsense.   

All of this can be ignored. Signing up for TDM Poolex Academy is solely for the passive investment opportunity. Obviously, TDM Poolex Academy is a Ponzi scheme.

TDM Poolex Academy is a scam due to the lack of a verifiable external revenue source and the fact that it is the last known scam from a verified Ponzi operation.   

In that nothing is marketed or sold to retail customers, the MLM aspect of the business functions as a pyramid scheme.   

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new investment will cease once affiliate recruitment dries up.   

This will deprive TDM Poolex Academy of ROI revenue, causing its eventual demise.  The mathematics underlying Ponzi schemes guarantees that the majority of participants will lose money upon their collapse.

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