Spain’s Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores has issued a security fraud warning to Xifra Global. Xifra Global is a subsidiary of the Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi scheme, which was relaunched earlier this year as Decentra.

According to the CNMV’s warning on June 27th, Xifra Globalis is not authorized to provide the investment services outlined in Article 140 of the Spanish Securities Markets Act, which includes investment advice.   

In other jurisdictions, this is equivalent to a security fraud warning.   

Xifra Global is a front website for Xifra Lifestyle, a Ponzi scheme launched in late 2019 by Jonathan Sifuentes.   

In November 2020, the CNMV issued a separate Xifra Lifestyle security fraud warning. The social media accounts of Xifra Global were deactivated in April.

Sifuentes is relaunching Xifra Lifestyle as Decentra at the same time.

Following his arrest in Mexico in January 2022, Sifuentes fled to Dubai. Authorities in the United States have also charged Sifuentes with securities fraud.

Decentra was issued a similar security fraud warning by Philippine authorities last month. The arrest of nineteen Decentra affiliate promoters followed.

Sifuentes has not been seen in public since fleeing to Dubai. Decentra has not commented publicly on its securities fraud warnings or the arrest of promoters in the Philippines.

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