COTP Ponzi promoters recently attempted to restart the COTP Safe Miner.

After about a week, they abandoned the Ponzi and relaunched as Trust Miner.

COTP Safe Miner and Trust Miner were created on Telegram by “Corey Deez.” Deez refers to himself as a “DeFi Developer,” which translates to “I create MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.”

Deez appears to be involved in several shady investment schemes, including Novatech and Pegasus. The COTP Safe Miner was designed to prey on COTP Ponzi scheme victims.

The problem is that, after being duped by COTP, investors were wary of investing in anything with the same name.

As a result, realizing that COTP Safe Miner was doomed, they renamed it Trust Miner. Trust Miner was launched on the domain “,” which was privately registered on June 15th.

USDT Trust Miner invites USDT investments with the promise of a daily ROI of 3.3 percent. On personally recruited affiliate investments, referral commissions are paid at a rate of 12%. Corey Deez has launched a new TrustMinerCommunity Telegram group to promote his Ponzi reboot. Running a reload Ponzi scheme under the name of a recently collapsed Ponzi scheme is already desperate. It’s depressingly funny to have to rename and relaunch it a week out. Not so much a race to the bottom as “We’ve already hit rock bottom with our Ponzi scheme, but how can we make things worse?”

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