Investors affiliated with Paraiba World who attempt to withdraw complain of non-payment.   

Currently, withdrawal payments from the Paraiba World Ponzi scheme are about three weeks behind schedule.   

This week, a reader informed me of Paraiba World’s withdrawal issues.   

A similar problem was raised in a letter from another our reader. In a recent Paraiba World webinar, they offered the following screenshot:   

Affiliates are also complaining about withdrawal problems in other online forums.   

According to a TrustPilot investor, Paraiba World’s withdrawal issues are due to banking issues:   

The phrase “unique private bank” is used to describe Paraiba World.   

This assertion is supported by a fictitious Mwali bank license.   

The Union of Comoros is a group of islands off the east coast of Africa that includes Mwali.   

The Banque Centrale des Comores published a notice on “illegal offshore banking activities” on June 17.   

A list of websites that the Central Bank alleges are issuing fraudulent banking licenses was also given.    Guess who was responsible for getting Paraiba World’s Mwali banking license?  Paraiba World’s fictitious Mwali banking license, billed as “Unique Private Bank Ltd., is listed on Mwali Registrar:   

Every license on the website, according to the Central Bank of the Comoros, is a fake.   

I’m not sure whether Paraiba World’s withdrawal problems have anything to do with the timing of the Central Bank’s warning.   

“Trillant” is mentioned in a discussion on a Paraiba World Facebook group.   

Trillant, dubbed “the next phase” of Paraiba World, first appeared in late May.   

Combining the two, it seems Paraiba World perished in the Luna/Terra crypto meltdown of May 2022.   

Trillon, which is positioned as an internal stable coin, is being released as part of Trillant by Paraiba World.   

To extend the life of the Ponzi, Paraiba World is switching from USD to an internal currency that it creates out of thin air.   

However, on the back end, Paraiba World affiliates will still wish to withdraw their amounts (be it USD or Trillon).   

However, ongoing withdrawal issues indicate Paraiba World may not have enough funds to make payments.   

Erich Ely is undoubtedly working on a fictitious justification to keep from admitting that Paraiba World has crashed.   

We’ll let you know if there are any updates.

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