On its website, NotchFX Trade gives no information that can be checked about who owns or runs the company.   

The domain name for NotchFX Trade’s website, “notchfxtrade.com,” was registered privately on September 12, 2021.   

Even though NotchFX Trade has only been around since 2021, it says it has been “running” since February 2017.   

The bad English and the strange way Dorothy is spelled…   

A person who doesn’t speak English as their first language runs NotchFX Trade.   

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.   

Products by NotchFX Trade:   

NotchFX Trade has no products or services that can be sold.   

Affiliates can only promote their own NotchFX Trade affiliate membership.   

The compensation plan for NotchFX Trade:   

Affiliates of NotchFX Trade put money in with the promise of advertised returns: 

Simple: Get 80% interest every day on investments between $500 and $4,999.   

Put away between $5,000 and $9,999 and earn 150% per day.   

Invest between $10,000 and $19,999 and get a return of 200% per day.   

Invest $20,000 to $50,000 and earn 220 percent per day.

NotchFX Trade pays commissions on money invested through referrals down three levels (unilevel): 

5% level 1 (affiliates personally recruited), 2% to 10% level three to fifteen percent Being a member of NotchFX Trade.   

It seems that becoming a NotchFX Trade affiliate is free.   

To fully take part in the attached income opportunity, you must invest at least $500.   

The end of the NotchFX Trade is that it shows that trading brings in money from outside sources. Notch FX TRADE is an automatic online trading platform for stocks and bitcoins.

It is part of the Notch FX TRADE team of professional traders who focus mostly on trading stocks and bitcoins on multiple exchanges and markets. 

There is no proof that trading has happened. There is also no proof that NotchFX Trade uses any outside money to pay affiliate withdrawals. 

The business plan for NotchFX Trade also fails the Ponzi logic test.   

Any company that can consistently and legally make 220 percent per day is not providing you with free access. Most likely, they wouldn’t let you in at all.   

If someone could double their money every day, they would do it quietly and not tell anyone.   

At the moment, the only way to be sure that money is coming into NotchFX Trade is through new investments.   

NotchFX Trade is a Ponzi scheme because it uses new money to pay affiliates’ ROI withdrawals.   

And whoever runs NotchFX Trade doesn’t seem to be pulling this one for the first time.   

When you look at the source code of NotchFX Trade’s website, you can find references to “swiftcryptotrade.com”:   

In 2019, “Swiftcryptotrade.com” was registered. The domain is for sale right now.   

The domain doesn’t look like it’s ever been used to host anything, but it could be a planned restart when NotchFX Trade is eventually shut down. 

The design of NotchFX Trade’s website was taken from “universalcryptofx.com,” according to the website’s footer:   

This domain leads to an e-commerce comparison site that looks like a scam. Around the middle of 2021, a Ponzi scheme was being run on Universal Crypto FX.   

By the end of 2021, Universal Crypto FX had failed.   

It looks like the people who run NotchFX Trade and other Ponzi schemes just put together a bunch of financial buzzwords to name their schemes.   

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new money will stop coming in once affiliate recruitment stops.   

This will stop NotchFX Trade from getting money from ROI, which will eventually cause it to fail.   

Because Ponzi schemes are based on math, when they fail, most people who took part will lose money.

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