On the evening of June the 23rd, a few hundred OnPassive regulars gathered on a Zoom stream to celebrate Ash Mufareh’s final Ofound sign ups.   

Mufareh reappeared in a subsequent stream the next day. He told Ofounders that OnPassive had outperformed expectations and that they should be grateful.   

And then he was gone.   

If it appears that I am condensing things, I am not. There is literally nothing else to report.   

Alanda from The Recovering Hunbot alerted me to Mufareh’s closing OnPassive signups.  In a reaction stream posted on June 24th, Alanda covered the follow-up stream with The Queen of Spades. 

I vaguely recall the possibility of OnPassive recruitment a few years ago. I looked in our comments but came up empty-handed. It wasn’t covered in an article, but I’m sure the debate is there somewhere in the comments.   

Anyway, now that recruitment is over, those who paid $97 for a position (or multiple positions) are probably wondering what comes next.   

All Mufareh had to say was, “Don’t worry; we’re not leaving; we’re going ahead.” We are moving forward and upward. We are not requesting additional work or compensation from the founders.   

He clarified that while OnPassive Ofounders can apply for a refund (not sure if that works for those who want out), they are not allowed to sell their positions.   

People who registered as OnPassive Ofounders but did not pay the sign-up fee can also do so. Mufareh stated that unpaid accounts would be deleted at some point, but no deadline was given.  Surprisingly, you can still sign up for Ofounds on their website. That makes sense.   

OnPassive boasted 1,372,000 Ofounders signed up as of June 16th. This amounts to $133 million at $97 per share.   

After three and a half years, the only people who have made any money are Ash Mufareh and his Indian staff.   

Aside from documenting OnPassive’s failure to launch, I’m not particularly interested in the scheme at this time. When you look at who attends OnPassive webinars, you’ll notice that it’s mostly a mix of middle-aged people who don’t appear to be very technically savvy.   

I don’t mean any of this as an insult; it’s just sad to watch it unfold.   

Take a step back from the idolization of Mufareh for a moment and think about it. We’re nearing the end of arguably the biggest boom that companies like Zoom have ever seen.   

Companies that sell “me too” Zoom-like products should have seen some growth, right? Instead, we’ve been spamming Dubai with OnPassive and hosting endless marketing webinars. Oh, and local offices that no one ever visits.   

If OnPassive wasn’t a cruel joke played on unsuspecting victims, they would have completely missed the biggest explosion in their product niche ever seen.   

Even today, you cannot purchase anything from OnPassive’s website.   

OnPassive marketing webinars continue to be held on Zoom and rebroadcast on YouTube!   

It truly boggles the mind how far down the garden path some of OnPassive’s characters have been led.    What was the original OnPassive marketing promise four years ago? Would you like an AI to create a business for you? Yeah, that didn’t happen, did it?   

Despite all the AI talk, Mufareh was still micromanaging every second of OnPassive’s Dubai “launch but not really” April event from his laptop.   

What is its location? Marketing is in a shambles. Show us the bloody products already! Allow your customers to purchase them. Let the Ofounders use them to demonstrate that this isn’t all theoretical nonsense.   

And by that, I mean put them to use. Not some one-off, meticulously staged demonstration.    OnPassive’s “me too” suite is either ready to go or it isn’t. And how come none of the Ofounders realize they’ve been duped if you’re advertising vaporware products and services on OnPassive’s website that don’t exist?   

Do they even care this far down the rabbit hole?   

In terms of future coverage, I’m not expecting much from the OnPassive camp. Mufareh will most likely increase marketing efforts, but I’m not sure how that will keep the never-ending hype train rolling if no one can sign up.   

The Ofounders had a sense of momentum disconnect from Mufareh’s broken promises, so they “over delivered” by expanding the scam.   

What’s next, a never-ending stream of webinars? How long will Mufareh’s already worn-out “we’ve got more new products nobody can use just around the corner” hypnosis last?   

Ash, you’ve duped your millions. Move to Dubai and leave it to die. Or, if you prefer, stay in the United States. So far, the FTC has shown no interest. 

Whatever you decide, put these people out of their misery as soon as possible. Allow them to accept their loss and move on.

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