The Metafi Yielders website is no longer available, which means the exit scam for the Ponzi scheme is over. When people tried to go to Metafi Yielders’ website a few hours ago, they got a DNS error:

After withdrawals were turned off and Accomplice CEO Michel Daher went missing, Metafi Yielders’ exit scam was finished.

In late May, Daher got his money and ran away. We don’t know where he is or what’s going on with him right now. If anyone still doesn’t believe that Metafi Yielders isn’t a typical Ponzi exit scam, here is a timeline of what happened: 

Metafi Yielders Ponzi launches in late March 2022; May 1st, 2022- We evaluate Metafi Yielders With a new 4.2 percent investment plan, Metafi Yielders wants to keep money in the system just as the old plans are about to end.   

On May 7, 2022, Metafi Yielders puts limits on how much you can withdraw. Affiliates who make complaints are told they will be fired.   

On May 13, 2022, the restrictions on how Metafi Yielders can get off the drug turn into withdrawal problems.   

May 17, 2022: Problems with withdrawal are still going on. Metafi Yielders is making it harder to withdraw money.   

May 24, 2022: Michel Daher announces the start of Metafi Yielders’ exit scam and then goes missing.    The social media accounts of Metafi Yielders have been taken down.   

Russian con artists are often the ones who run Boris CEO Ponzi schemes.   

The channel for Metafi Yielders on YouTube will be taken down on June 12, 2022.   

On June 27, 2022, the website for Metafi Yielders will be taken down. 

No one knows how many people were hurt by Metafi Yielders and how much money they lost.

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