The Central Bank of the Comoros has warned Gold Standard Bank and Dafri Bank about a number of scams. 

As warned by the BCC on June 15, “The Central Bank of the Comoros warns people not to do business with a few banks that say they have permission from the right Comoros authorities to do offshore banking.” Among these are, among other things, Export  Credit Bank, Dafri Bank, and DTS Circle Bank, which would be approved by the Central Bank of the Comoros, especially for the last two, through an organization called “Comoros International Banking Authority (CIBA).   

The “Mwali International Services Authority” would approve Wealth Bank LTD, GSB Gold Standard Bank LTD, Bliss Bank, Coriolis Bank Corporation, Revollet International Limited, Ray Next Bank Limited, Tri Bank, and Forbes Private Bank.   

The BCC’s warning about Dafri Bank is about the CBI Global Ponzi scheme run by Coenie Botha.  After Namibia’s regulators cracked down and the Bank of Namibia froze CBI Global’s assets, Botha kept looking for investors through Dafri Bank.  “Digital Bank of Africa” is what Dafri Bank calls itself. It is run by Xolane Ndhlovu, who is a South African felon and the company’s founder and CEO.   

In the footer of its website, Dafri Bank gives an address in Fomboi, Comoros Islands, where it is based.    Also, Dafri Bank says that it has a license from the BCC.   

The Central Bank of Comoros has given DafriBank Digital LTD its banking license B2019005.   

Some or all of the financial services offered by Dafri Bank seem to be based on this.   

According to what the BCC said above, however, Dafri Bank’s claim that it is licensed in the Comoros is a lie.   

The shell company of Josip Heit’s GSPartners Ponzi scheme is GSB Gold Standard Bank.  Last year, the Central Bank of the Comoros confirmed that GSB Gold Standard Bank lied when it said it was “registered in the autonomous island of Mwali.”   

The website for GSB Gold Standard Bank now belongs to GSB Gold Standard Corporation, a German shell company.   

Some GSPartners websites, on the other hand, still lie about having ties to Mwali:   

The incorporation of GSB Gold Standard Bank, which was done through Moheli Corporate Services Ltd. and is tied to a New York address, will be valid until August 8, 2022, if it is manually renewed.

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