If you are not using a mobile device, you will see the following when you visit the Zpmxcfe website:   

To see the Chinese translation, we can examine the page’s source code.   

The domain name “zpmxcfe.xyz,” which hosts the Zpmxcfe website, was fraudulently registered with a Chinese registrar.   

Clearly, whoever is in charge of Zpmxcfe has connections in China.  It is always wise to exercise caution before joining an MLM firm, and especially before parting with any cash.   

The products of Zpmxcfe:   

Zpmxcfe does not offer anything for sale.   

Affiliates are restricted to promoting the Zpmxcfe affiliate membership.   

The Remuneration Scheme for Zpmxcfe:   

To achieve the claimed returns, Zpmxcfe affiliates buy tether (USDT). 

VIP0 (Level 0): There are no hidden fees.  

A small VIP package costs $30, a VIP 1 costs $100, a VIP 2 costs $300, and a VIP 3 costs $600. 4 – $1000 VIP 5 – $3000.      

Although return-on-investment figures aren’t disclosed, Zpmxcfe is designed to be a simple “one-click” investment platform.   

To receive daily returns, affiliate investors must “click a button.”  Every dollar a Zpmxcfe affiliate puts into the program is one additional button he or she must click every day.  Incentives are offered for bringing in new investors as affiliates. There is a lack of specifics.   

It doesn’t cost anything to become a Zpmx affiliate.   

An investment of $30 to $3,000 in tether is necessary for the complete revenue possibilities.   

By just clicking buttons, affiliates can earn money without making any initial commitment. However, I assume an “upgrade” to a paid investment tier is required to withdraw this money.   

To summarize: Zpmxcfe   So now the Chinese con artists who are releasing “click a button” software Ponzi schemes are merely coming up with completely arbitrary phrases to call their schemes.   

The idea is as inane as the schemes that use them.   

Affiliates of Zpmxcfe invest tether and do “click a button” chores in exchange for daily payouts. 

Zpmxcfe implies that manipulating social media (by liking posts or videos, leaving comments, etc.) may be turned into cash by just clicking a button.   

That’s not how it works, obviously. Basically, all Zpmxcfe is doing is reusing previously invested funds to distribute profits.

Zpmxcfe’s social media manipulation services for third parties (with investors doing the legwork) have nothing to do with the multi-level marketing Ponzi scheme that the company is allegedly based on.  Zpmxcfe is among the latest “one-button” apps to appear on the scene.   

To date, we have collected evidence.

COTP, where affiliates supposedly clicked a button to trade, failed in May 2022.   

EthTRX is a Ponzi scheme software without daily tasks.   

Yu Klik—clicking a button to generate trading activity.  

KKBT claimed clicking a button created bitcoin mining revenue, targeted South Africa and India, and declared bankruptcy in June 2022.   

EasyTask 888 pretends that hitting a button affects social media (YouTube likes) and targets children.

DF Finance, which offered “buy data” with a button click to ecommerce companies, folded in June 2022.   

Shared989 claimed that pressing a button manipulated social media (YouTube likes); it went bankrupt in June 2022.   

86FB pretended hitting a button meant betting on football, then collapsed.

I pretended clicking a button was related to football betting; I failed.

Clicking a button was linked to football betting until May 2022.   

365Ball pretends that clicking a button leads to football betting (which has already collapsed multiple times).   

YLCH Football makes it look like clicking a button bets on football matches.   

Parkour pretends button-clicking is social media manipulation (YouTube likes, etc.).  I haven’t covered all of these scams. All the current app-based task Ponzi schemes seem to come from the same outfit.

Using simplified Chinese, I assume the gang is from China or Singapore.

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