Future Trade 2020 Ponzi Scam.  

We deemed The Future Trade’s marketing video the “greatest scam marketing video” of the year.

Unfortunately, around September 2021, Future Trade erased its award-winning video.   

In September 2021, The Future Trade replaced its actor footage with a hired office video.   

The Future Trade’s Boris CEO is “Oliver Campbell.” He’s backed by Eastern European actors.   

A close-up of one of the name-tags used in The Future Trade’s new marketing video was included in the “Our team” photographs released to The Future Trade’s website. The lanyard is made by Russian manufacturer.  

Office supplies shop “Brauberg”.   

CEO Boris, a Russian crook, runs Ponzi schemes.   

I don’t know when the reboot launched, but I think it was around Q2 2021, when their new Boris CEO video came out. 

Today we’re examining The Future Reboot’s reboot. 

The Future Trade’s MLM opportunity is reviewed here.   

Future Trade doesn’t sell anything.   

The Future Trade affiliates can only market membership.   

Future Trade’s Payplan:   

Future Trade affiliates invest for advertised returns. 

Invest $50 to $4999 and receive 1.4% per day for 200 days.  

1.6% per day for 180 days,  

Invest $25,000-$49,999 to make 1.8% every day for 160 days.   

Invest $50,000 and get 2% a day for 150 days. 

Future Trade’s MLM compensates for investor recruitment.   

Referral fees:   

Future Trade affiliates get a commission on the investments of individually recruited affiliates.   

Future Trade affiliate investment determines referral commission rates.  Starter-tier affiliates earn a 7% referral commission.   

Banker-tier affiliates earn an 8% referral commission.   

Tier affiliates earn a 9% referral commission.   

Entrepreneur associates earn a 10% referral commission. 


Future Trade’s binary compensation mechanism gives residual commissions.   

A binary compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a two-sided binary team.   

The Binary team’s first level has two spots. The second level of the binary team is created by dividing the first two places into four positions.   

Each new binary team level has twice as many places as the previous level. 

The binary team recruits affiliates directly and indirectly. Binary teams can develop indefinitely.   

At the conclusion of each day, Future Trade records the new binary investment volume.   

Affiliates get 9% of the money invested in their inferior binary team.   

Daily residual commissions are capped based on affiliate investment:  Starter-tier affiliates can make $1000 a day.   

Banker-tier affiliates can make $2,500 a day.   

Financier-tier affiliates can earn $5000 a day.   

Entrepreneur affiliates can make $10,000 a day. 

Futures trading:   

Free Future Trade membership.   

A minimum $50 investment is required for this income opportunity.   

The Future Trade accepts Perfect Money and cryptocurrency investments.   


Turkey was The Future Trade’s top traffic source in September 2021.

By 2022, it was 20%. Today, Turkish trade recruiting crashed. Traffic to The Future Trade’s website today comes from Indonesia (35%), Brazil (16%), Germany (11%), the US (8%) and Malaysia (5 percent).   

The Future Trade has modified investment contracts since their original Ponzi scheme. MLM referral commissions are higher. Same rate, increased caps on residual commissions.   

The Future Trade is the same 2020 Ponzi scheme.   

When it crashes, investors have no recourse against its Russian crooks.

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