Emile Parfait Simb appears to have escaped from Cameroon using a diplomatic passport from the Central African Republic. Simb isn’t a diplomat, so this is strange. Simb had friends in CAR, according to Corbeau News, in addition to being connected within Cameroon. Parfait Simb is the main initiator of CAR’s cryptocurrency law.   

The Central African authorities surreptitiously provided him with a birth certificate and a Central African diplomatic passport to safeguard him from any legal procedures.   

Simb is more than a holder of a diplomatic passport from Central Africa. He was given Central African citizenship and appointed as an adviser to Simplice Mathieu Sarandji, the President of the National Assembly.   

This strongly shows that government officials in the Central African Republic were complicit in Simb’s Liyeplimal Ponzi scheme. Simb has gone into hiding after being released in Cameroon and immediately left the country. According to Cameroonian reports, Simb may have gone underground in Russia. This could be related to CAR’s close diplomatic connections with Russia.   

Russia decided to supply the Central African Republic with free military aid in March 2018, sending small guns, ammunition, and 175 instructors to train the Central African Armed Forces. The advisers are thought to be Wagner Group members.   

It was Russia’s greatest military deployment to Africa since the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union fell apart.   

The CAR is considering hosting a Russian Armed Forces installation as of January 2019.   

The Central African president has appointed a former Russian intelligence official as his senior security adviser.   

The Cameroonian authorities, I assume, have yet to openly recognise Simb’s departure.

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