Decentra has been issued a security fraud warning by the Philippines. According to the SEC’s notice from June 14th, DECENTRA and anyone operating on its behalf (including its representatives, agents, and people and groups) were marketing unregistered securities to the public without the proper authorization or license.   

The SEC points to Decentra’s 120 percent ROI “staking” investment opportunity and a “Dubai Promo.” Decentra, through its representatives, agents, and presenters, also claims that a member can recruit as many people as he wants, receive 50,000 USD (not from his own pocket but from the effort of recruiting others), and earn even without doing anything.   

Decentra is a new iteration of the now-defunct Ponzi scheme Xifra Lifestyle.   

Following a crackdown by Mexican authorities, founder Jonathan Sifuentes escaped to Dubai early this year. In the United States, Sifuentes is also being investigated by regulators. Decentra is a new Dubai-based Ponzi scheme that began operations last month. Dubai is the global epicenter of multi-level marketing criminality.   

In light of the foregoing, members of the public are urged to refrain from putting their savings at risk by investing in high-yield, high-risk schemes; to exercise caution when dealing with individuals purporting to represent the above-mentioned entity; and, ultimately, to NOT INVEST or STOP INVESTING in the entity.   

Michael Anderson is one of the most visible Decentra advocates in the Philippines. 

A fine of PHP 5 million ($93,733) or up to twenty-one years in prison has been threatened by the SEC against Decentra promoters in the Philippines.

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