Emile Parfait Simb was arrested in Cameroon last month for running the Liyeplimal Ponzi scheme.   

Simb was caught by Cameroonian authorities as he tried to get on a plane to Morocco.   

Even though Simb was charged with “serious fraud,” he was let go as long as he gave up his passport.    Simb and his family ran away to Cameroon as soon as they were freed. (Theme from Curb Your Enthusiasm.mp3).  

information about Simb said that he had run away to the Central African Republic. The most recent news is that Simb is in Russia.   

On June 5, Simb left Cameroon. CamerounWeb said on June 6 that Simb had sent his whole family to Senegal before fleeing to the Central African Republic, where he is close to the President of the Republic.   

A follow-up report from Actu Cameroun on June 7th, which quotes “whistleblower journalist Boris Bertolt,” shows how bad Simb’s escape was. Emile Parfait Simb took a flight to Bangui on Sunday, June 5, in the afternoon. He was with a judge until the last police check, after which he was on his own. He is probably going to end up in Russia, where he hopes to avoid being caught by Interpol. Before Simb’s trip, his wife and children took a flight in the morning to avoid being mentioned in the manifesto. They did this by buying a last-minute plane ticket at the airport. the same Sunday in Dakar, Senegal.   

Simb’s Global Investment Trading and Liyeplimal Ponzi schemes are thought to have taken billions of dollars from people.   

No one knows where the money went, but it looks like some of it ended up in the hands of Cameroonian authorities.   

If Simb has really gone to Russia, no one will ever see him again. I don’t understand why he would bother, since Dubai is between Cameroon and Russia.   

There are billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency hidden, and a few sheiks have been paid off. Simb could live like a Ruja for the rest of his life and be happy. 

I don’t think there will be more about Liyeplimal and Simb, but I’ll keep an eye out (and thanks to our readers who are following this case).

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