Investors in the PerRank Ponzi scheme are being asked for more money. Withdrawals have been disabled, and those who refuse to hand over funds will have their accounts shut down.

The announcement from PerRank was sent out 24 to 48 hours ago. It all starts with the deception that PerRank has been around for ten years.

Thank you for your support over the past ten years, PerRank members. PerRank has helped numerous internet businesses boost their product rankings and sales.

The company’s website domain was registered in February 2022.

PerRank is a new company that has only been around for a few months. The gimmick behind PerRank was that investors could make sales orders for e-commerce companies by simply pressing a button.

That resulted in an investment platform that provided passive returns over a 180-day period. Of course, it’s all nonsense, but PerRank is sticking to the script, which is on the verge of collapsing due to the seller’s excessive order volume.

PerRank expects that all members will upgrade to a higher VIP level so that they can finish more orders. Merchants have commended our services and have placed a large number of orders with us. The business of PerRank is booming.

“Upgrading to a higher VIP” entails a larger financial investment. Members that graduate to a higher VIP level will be able to continue undertaking tasks while earning more money and having additional withdrawal options.

Affiliates have until June 16th to deposit more money into PerRank’s Ponzi scheme, which has been disabled by PerRank.

Members who do not upgrade to a higher VIP level by June 16th will have their collaboration terminated and their work deposit refunded 180 days after joining the VIP.

There are several factors at work here. To begin with, a Ponzi scheme can only stop paying for one reason:

PerRank has failed. Second, this is a last-ditch effort to raise funds before they go offline. After 180 days, no one receives anything. Anyone who gives more money after June 16th is setting themselves up for bigger losses.

I believe PerRank’s website will be down by the end of the month. They don’t have to pay anyone, so they can afford to drag things out a little longer.

The amount of money lost by each investor is unclear. Pakistan (57%) is the leading source of visitors to PerRank’s website, followed by Turkey (18%), Saudi Arabia (12%), and China (12%).

PerRank is one of a slew of “click a button” apps that have shown up in recent months. We have so far documented:

COTP, where affiliates supposedly clicked a button to trade, failed in May 2022.   

EthTRX is a Ponzi scheme software without daily tasks.   

Yu Klik—clicking a button to generate trading activity.  

KKBT claimed clicking a button created bitcoin mining revenue, targeted South Africa and India, and declared bankruptcy in June 2022.   

EasyTask 888 pretends that hitting a button affects social media (YouTube likes) and targets children.

DF Finance, which offered “buy data” with a button click to ecommerce companies, folded in June 2022.   

Shared989 claimed that pressing a button manipulated social media (YouTube likes); it went bankrupt in June 2022.   

86FB pretended hitting a button meant betting on football, then collapsed.

I pretended clicking a button was related to football betting; I failed.

Clicking a button was linked to football betting until May 2022.   

365Ball pretends that clicking a button leads to football betting (which has already collapsed multiple times).   

YLCH Football makes it look like clicking a button bets on football matches.   

Parkour pretends button-clicking is social media manipulation (YouTube likes, etc.).  I haven’t covered all of these scams. All the current app-based task Ponzi schemes seem to come from the same outfit.

Using simplified Chinese, I assume the gang is from China or Singapore.

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