A reload Ponzi is being targeted at COTP Ponzi victims.   

On the domain “cotp.finance,” a COTP Safer Miner has appeared.   

On May 24th, 2022, the domain was privately registered. On or around June 9th, the COTP Safe Miner looks to have gone live.   

COTP Safer Miner is a straightforward smart-contact Ponzi scheme that promises a daily return of 3.3 percent.  Non-MLM referral commissions pay out 12% on USDT invested by personally recruited affiliates.  A dubious Telegram group is running COTP Safer Miner.   

Despite the fact that the group is plainly targeting COTP victims, the scammers behind it claim that they are “not affiliated with the original COTP platform.”   

COTP was a Ponzi fraud involving a “click a button” app that debuted in February.   

COTP, which was thought to be managed by Asian scammers, shut down in May.   

Whether COTP Safer Miner is linked to COTP or not is a moot point at this point. Both scams are Ponzi schemes, which guarantee that the majority of participants will lose money.

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