BlackFort Wallet’s website doesn’t say who operates the company. BlackFort Wallet is in Estonia and the BVI.   

BlackFort Wallet & Exchange is a subsidiary of BlackFort Tech Estonia OU, a company incorporated in Estonia.   

BlackFort, Inc. (BVI) is an OP. It operates through BXF token economy formation, concepting, and rights.    It enables extension to other jurisdictions.   

Estonia marketed itself as a blockchain utopia a few years ago. Scammers use cryptography to access financial channels. BlackFort Wallet ties into BlackFort Exchange.   

BlackFort Wallet is offered by Blackfort Tech Estonia OÜ, with license number FVT000100.   

BlackFort Exchange is BlackFort Wallet’s web app. was registered in 2019. The most recent update was on July 20, 2021. The BVI is a scam-haven. BlackFort Inc. is another wicked BVI shell firm.

If an MLM company isn’t transparent about who runs it, think twice before joining or giving money.

BlackFort Wallet doesn’t sell anything. affiliates buy BXF using ethereum. This is done for promised returns. 

Up to 1 ETH in BXF tokens yields a 10% ROI; 1 to 2 ETH yields a 15% ROI; 2 to 4 ETH yields a 20% ROI; and 4 or more ETH yields a 25% ROI. 

BlackFort has no investment time. BlackFort’s MLM pays affiliate investors. Referral fees Affiliates get 10% of BXN token investments from BlackFort Wallet.

BlackFort Wallet pays residual commissions; details aren’t given. BlackFort Wallet offers only these details:   

BlackFort makes teambuilding enjoyable and profitable.   

You receive team bonuses based on your purchases, affiliates, and referrals. The more you and your team promote BlackFort Wallet, the more you and your partners can make.   

Uncertainty about affiliate payments isn’t “fun.”   

BlackFort Wallet registration is free, as is BlackFort Wallet affiliate membership. The connected income possibility requires an etherium investment in BXF tokens. BlackFort Wallet has no minimum investment. BlackFort Wallet’s marketing is horrible. It’s hard to take them seriously as an MLM firm because of this.

From what we know, BlackFort Wallet is a shittoken Ponzi scheme. BlackFort Wallet’s investment scheme is called “purchasing nodes.” Irrelevant. ERC-20 coin, BXF.

These take five minutes and are free to set up on Ethereum. You donate ethereum, acquire BXF tokens at a discounted rate, and store them in BlackFort Wallet to earn passive ROI.

The ROI is paid in BXF, so investors will be out of pocket. Blackfort Wallet’s only proven revenue source is new investment. BlackFort Wallet is a Ponzi scheme since new investments pay for BXF token withdrawals.

BlackFort Wallet isn’t registered to sell securities anywhere. These are not a substitute for BVI and Estonia shell companies. BlackFort Wallet commits fraud by not registering its passive investment plan. Globally, fraud is unlawful.

Once affiliate recruitment dries up, so will fresh investment. BlackFort Wallet will lose ROI revenue and collapse. When MLM Ponzi schemes collapse, most participants will lose money.

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