AcuaWellington emailed Karatbars International affiliates in April.   

AcuaWellington claimed to have “acquired all Karatbars receivables and liabilities.”   

Acua Wellington is likely a recovery fraud, according to a study. No normal recovery fraud here.   

Here’s the email AcuaWellington issued to Karatbars affiliates on April 28th:   

“Mr./Ms. We’ve taken over the Karatbars group’s receivables and liabilities. Our records show you may owe money for several services. Due to commercial and regulatory requirements, please submit your claim online. Please fill out all fields so Know Your Client claims can be settled. The deadline is May 15, 2022. We may reject late submissions. Information is protected. We’ll call you after May 15, 2022. Your information will be checked per banking procedure. You consent to this by submitting us your data. Please use English exclusively. Respectfully Acua Risk Management.”   

Acua Wellington’s request for affiliates’ personal information is suspicious.   

This is an excerpt from a recent follow-up email received by another affiliate; we’re collecting claims and demands. Please note that we only process data according to Know Your Client. Non-participants will forfeit their claims irrevocably.  Karatbars International abandoned their Facebook profile in 2020.   

Karatbars International’s Harald Seiz hasn’t commented on Acua Wellington.   

Acua Wellington?   

Acua Wellington uses “” This domain is from 2019. Last modified on January 23, 2022.   

When the current proprietors took over the domain, the present website went live.   

Acua Wellington’s “funds are among the world’s most successful.” Ownership information isn’t available.    Acua Wellington’s website provides a New York address. This relates to Acua Wellington’s SEC claims, which we’ll discuss later.   

The Wayback Machine shows that Germans founded Acua Wellington.   

Harald Seiz is German, and Karatbars International is/was German.   

Next, Acua Wellington’s SEC disclosures:  Investors own AcuaWellington. You own AcuaWellington as an investor-owner. Money market, bond, balanced, and stock funds beat their peer group averages for the 10-year period ending December 31, 2020. Other time periods will vary. Only 10-year-old mutual funds and ETFs were compared. AcuaWellingtons can acquire any company and go public without an IPO. AcuaWellington can also construct an SEC-regulated SPAC (SEC). SPACs combine funds to finance a merger or acquisition within a set time limit. The public can buy SPAC shares before a merger or acquisition because they’re SEC-registered and publicly traded.   

This is finance bro gibberish with no relevance to Acua Wellington or Karatbars International.   

Our ownership structure, customer-focused culture, and ethical beliefs represent our duty. Private funds held by fund shareholders own AcuaWellington.   

Acua Wellington isn’t SEC-registered. A red flag for a US-based corporation talking about shareholders   Acua Wellington is a shitcoin reload Ponzi scheme, not a “private fund.”   

AcuaCoin sounds like a shitcoin ERC-20. These take a few minutes and are cheap.   

AcuaCoin is tied to ethereum and “hedged via business assets.”   

I’m suspicious that a few-month-old corporation controlled by unknown people has considerable assets, if any.   

Acua Wellington doesn’t offer investments yet. This will likely happen once they get as much KYC-approved ID as they can.

Accordingly, Acua Wellington’s deadline for ID documents is July 15. Karatbars International was probably not sold. Seiz has been trying to launch a new Karatbars shitcoin since KBC failed in 2019.   

Acua Wellington is an unknown Karatbars Ponzi scheme. Anyone handing over ID documents does so to an unknown third-party.  Harald Seiz has gone into hiding and hasn’t addressed Acua Wellington. Legitimate firms don’t do this.

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