BI’s don’t list the company’s owners or managers.   

“” was registered privately on January 13, 2022. BI’s is a gateway to its app.   

In their app and plagiarized whitepaper, Tron.BI says it’s based in Singapore.   

SimilarWeb lists Colombia (34%), Algeria (33%), Germany (16%), Sweden (10%), and France as Tron.Bi’s major traffic sources. 

If an MLM company isn’t transparent about who runs it, think twice before joining or giving money.   

Our Products:   

Tron.BI doesn’t sell anything.   

Tron.BI affiliates can only market membership.   

Tron.BI’s payplan:   

Affiliates of Tron.BI invest in TRX for promised rewards. 

1.8%/day for 10 days.   

53 days of 1.2% interest.   

33 days of 17% interest.   

60 days at 19% interest.   

128 days of 12% interest. 

Tron.BI affiliates must log in and click a button for daily commissions.   

Tron.BI pays commissions on affiliates’ tron investments.  1st level (self-recruited) – 10% to 5%. Level 3: 2%. Tron membership is free. 

Tron.BI partner:  

The attached income opportunity requires TRX.   

Tron.BI is a click-bait Ponzi scheme.   

Affiliates must “click a button” daily to receive the daily advertised return rate.   

Tron.BI is a cloud mining button.   

It’s nonsense. Tron.BI recycles funds to pay withdrawals.   

Tron.BI is a new “click a button” program.   

Our documents: 

COTP, where affiliates supposedly clicked a button to trade, failed in May

EthTRX is a Ponzi scheme software without daily tasks.   

Yu Klik—clicking a button to generate trading activity.  

KKBT claimed clicking a button created bitcoin mining revenue, targeted
South Africa and India, and declared bankruptcy in June 2022.   

EasyTask 888 pretends that hitting a button affects social media (YouTube
likes) and targets children.

DF Finance, which offered “buy data” with a button click to
ecommerce companies, folded in June 2022.   

Shared989 claimed that pressing a button manipulated social media (YouTube
likes); it went bankrupt in June 2022.   

86FB pretended hitting a button meant betting on football, then collapsed.

I pretended clicking a button was related to football betting; I failed.

Clicking a button was linked to football betting until May 2022. 

365Ball pretends that clicking a button leads to football betting (which has
already collapsed multiple times).   

YLCH Football makes it look like clicking a button bets on football

Parkour pretends button-clicking is social media manipulation (YouTube
likes, etc.).  I haven’t covered all of these scams. All the current app-based
task Ponzi schemes seem to come from the same outfit.

Using simplified Chinese, I assume the gang is from China or Singapore.

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