On its website, Mars Football provides no information regarding who owns or operates the company.    On June 5th, 2022, a Singaporean registrar registered the website domain “mars-football.com” for Mars Football.   

When you go to the Mars Football website, you’ll see that it’s only a portal to the company’s app.   

If we look at the source code of Mars Football’s website, we can see that Chinese is used:   

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, think twice before joining and/or turning over any money.   

Products by Mars Football:   

There are no products or services available for purchase from Mars Football.   

Mars Football affiliate membership is the sole product that affiliates can promote.   

Mars Football Compensation Plan:  

On the promise of advertised returns, Mars Football affiliates invest tether (USDT).   

Mars Football offers variable daily rates that are paid under the guise of sports betting.   

The greatest daily percentage offered by Mars Football that I noticed was 9.54 percent.   

The MLM side of Mars Football compensates for affiliate investor recruitment.  Affiliates of Mars Football earn a percentage of funds invested, paid out in three tiers of recruitment (unilevel):  1st level (directly recruited affiliates) – 10%, 5% at the second level.  In the third level, 3% Getting involved with Mars Football.   

Membership in the Mars Football affiliate program is completely free.   

An investment in tron is required to fully participate in the attached income potential.   

Mars Football is yet another Ponzi scheme based on “click a button” apps.   

Affiliates are needed to invest money and “hit a button.” Clicking a button on Mars Football represents betting on the outcome of a football match.   

In truth, all Mars Football does is recycle money it has invested in order to pay out dividends.   

Mars Football is one of a number of “click a button” apps that have been released in recent months.   

We have so far documented: 

COTP, where affiliates supposedly clicked a button to trade, failed in May

EthTRX is a Ponzi scheme software without daily tasks.   

Yu Klik—clicking a button to generate trading activity.  

KKBT claimed clicking a button created bitcoin mining revenue, targeted
South Africa and India, and declared bankruptcy in June 2022.   

EasyTask 888 pretends that hitting a button affects social media (YouTube
likes) and targets children.

DF Finance, which offered “buy data” with a button click to
ecommerce companies, folded in June 2022.   

Shared989 claimed that pressing a button manipulated social media (YouTube
likes); it went bankrupt in June 2022.   

86FB pretended hitting a button meant betting on football, then collapsed.

I pretended clicking a button was related to football betting; I failed.

Clicking a button was linked to football betting until May 2022. 

365Ball pretends that clicking a button leads to football betting (which has
already collapsed multiple times).   

YLCH Football makes it look like clicking a button bets on football

Parkour pretends button-clicking is social media manipulation (YouTube
likes, etc.).  I haven’t covered all of these scams. All the current app-based
task Ponzi schemes seem to come from the same outfit.

Using simplified Chinese, I assume the gang is from China or Singapore.

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