WT91’s website contains no information on the company’s ownership or management.   

On May 22nd, 2022, WT91’s website domain (“wt91.com”) was discreetly re-registered through a Singaporean registrar.   

When you go to WT91’s website, you’ll notice that it’s basically a portal to the company’s app.   

The website of WT91 is set to Portuguese by default. This is simply an attempt to target Portuguese speakers with WT91’s marketing.   

The localization of WT91’s website is set to Chinese.   

We can see Chinese in the website source-code if we go to the provided technical help page:    According to SimilarWeb (4 percent), Turkey (34 percent), Venezuela (32 percent), Colombia (6 percent), Russia (6 percent), and Cuba are the major sources of traffic to WT91’s website, according to SimilarWeb (4 percent).   

Visits to WT91’s website are increasing as of May 2022:   

WT91, for example, debuted in April 2022.   

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, think twice before joining and/or turning over any money.   

Products by WT91:   

WT91 does not sell any products or services to the general public.   

Affiliates can only promote their WT91 affiliate membership.   

Compensation Plan for WT91:   

On the prospect of advertised returns, WT91 affiliates buy into Tron (TRX).   

WT91 offers variable daily fees that are paid under the guise of sports betting. 

The greatest daily percentage offered by WT91 that I noticed was 10.08 percent.   

There is a team area in the WT91 app. This implies that affiliates are compensated for bringing in new affiliate investors.   

Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain particular information. It is completely free to join the WT91.

WT91 affiliate program:   

An investment in tron is required to fully participate in the attached income potential. 

WT91 is yet another Ponzi scheme based on “click a button” apps.   

Affiliates are needed to invest money and “hit a button.” WT91 indicates that pressing a button is linked to betting on the outcome of a football match.   

In actuality, YLCH Football is only recycling invested capital in order to pay returns.   

WT91 is one of a slew of “click a button” app Ponzi schemes that have popped up in recent months.   

We have so far documented: 

COTP—a scheme in which affiliates pretended to push a button, resulting in trading activity—was shut down in May 2022.   

EthTRX is a Ponzi based on an app, but without the daily task component.   

Yu Klik—pretending to click a button to initiate trading activity, with an emphasis on Indonesia.   

KKBT, which was aimed at South Africa and India, claimed that simply pressing a button generated cryptocurrency mining revenue.

EasyTask 888 targets Colombia and pretends that clicking a button is related to social media manipulation (YouTube likes).   

DF Finance failed after claiming that clicking a button generated “buy data” that was sold to ecommerce companies.   

2022Shared989 – claimed that clicking a button was linked to social media manipulation (for example, YouTube likes), but the website eventually crashed.  

Claimed to gamble on the outcome of a football match by clicking a button, and then collapsed.   

After claiming that pressing a button was tied to betting on the outcome of a football match, he fell unconscious. 

365Ball — appears to be linked to betting on the outcome of a football match (which has already collapsed multiple times).  

YLCH Football gives the impression that pressing a button will result in a wager on the outcome of a football match.   

Parkour makes it appear as if pressing a button is linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes, etc.).   

OTCAI went bankrupt after claiming that affiliates’ hitting a button produced trading activity.

N9 Football went insolvent in May 2022, claiming that affiliates’ hitting of buttons was tied to betting on football match outcomes.   

Tron.BI makes affiliates believe that clicking a button is linked to TRX cloud mining.   

EFG Football went bankrupt after claiming that affiliates’ clicking a button was tied to betting on the outcome of football matches.

In May 2022, GP Football, which claimed that affiliates’ pushing of a button was linked to betting on football match results, filed for bankruptcy.   

Lucky Football, a website that claimed affiliates could bet on football match outcomes by clicking a button, went bankrupt in May 2022.  There are a lot more of these scams out there that I haven’t covered yet.   

The same group of con artists appears to be behind all of the recent app-based task Ponzi schemes.  Based on the use of simplified Chinese, I believe the group is based in China or Singapore.

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